Vertical fence decoration – Grapevines

Not all fences are beautiful, and not everyone can just install a new one, so there are some tips to decorate it with some plants. These tips will not work with old and not so strong fences. P.s – there are some ideas for your new fence.

Grapevines as a fence decoration

Most people decide to decorate a fence with some plants – it’s a perfect way to do it. Grapes, Actinidia, clematis, and hops will look great. The most popular one are grapes, they look good, grow fast, crawl everywhere, and some of them give fruit.

Grapevines are simple plants – cold-resistant, does not require a shelter (only first year after planting), grows well in a shadow and sun, easy to transplant, easy to crawl it whenever you want. And it looks beautiful in autumn – the leaves become purple-pink.

If you want to get this purple-pink color leaves in the fall, plant it in the sun because if it grows in a shadow, leaves will stay green.

Pros of grapevine fence

Cheap – after they have grown a little you can just cut them a little and plant somewhere else, so it means you can multiply it infinitely.

The price of one seedling with a 1-2 seed and closed root system starts at 100$. You can also buy an inexpensive type – ornamental with bare-root and in small containers, but they will grow slow and not so big.


Beautiful in the summer and fall but ugly in winter because grape leaves fall off and leave ugly roots.

It’s not good for not-durable fences. They may collapse under the weight of the plant.

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