Snapple Peach Green Tea

I have always been a lover of green tea drinks, preferably cold to hot. When I saw that Snapple had put out a Peach Green Tea, I had to try it. Because as they advertise, “It’s made from the best stuff on earth!”

I saw this tea on a shelf in my local grocery store. They can be pre-printed with their $0.79 price, and the attractive green and orange label compelled me to try them. The can is smaller than the rest of the Snapple drinks and does not come with a screw-top lid and a fun fact, something, I have always loved about Snapple products. Beyond this little snag, the drink was delicious!

The green tea flavor is smooth and refreshing while the peach taste is subtle and not artificial tasting. Originally I was leery of the combination of the two flavors, but they ended up tasting great together.

For the price of this can and the surprisingly smooth flavor with a subtle fruity undertone, this is a great treat for anyone looking for a mid-day pick me up. It goes down smooth and unlike many green tea products, there is no aftertaste that leaves you wanting more or with a bad taste in your mouth. I highly recommend this drink for any tea lover.

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