10 Ways How To Learn To Sing – Tips Included

10 Ways How To Learn To Sing – Tips Included

Did you know that everyone can learn how to sing? Even when you thought your shower singing was awesome, but the neighbors did not agree.

The only thing that keeps you from greatness is practice. Daily practice. In the shower, driving, while eating, anytime, just practice. Of course, you can take expensive singing lessons and seek professional help, but that’s not what we are after.

Follow these steps and use the recommended products and be the next Beatles!

15 Tips for Learning How To Sing

1. The Beginning – Breathing

Most of the singers start with breathing exercises as that’s the most important thing, you don’t want to be out of breath within the first sentence. These exercises help you with controlling the pitch and how long you can sing.

Have you seen how long James Hetfield can sing without taking in a breath? He can almost sing a song by only breathing in a few times! You want to be that guy, trust me.

So to practice breathing exercise do the following:

  • Practice by moving your throat and face. Try opening and flexing your muscles with a relaxed jaw and face. Try to learn how your facial muscles work and get them to work for you!
  • Try this exercise:
    • Start inhaling a deep breath, as deep as you can and try to inhale slowly without breaking up your lungs.
    • Wait a few seconds for your breath to fall down in your belly. Repeat the exercise many times.
    • Get a feather or small piece of paper and try to keep it in the air by blowing air to it. Slowly increase the height of the feather and try to keep is steady. This will help you to sing without losing your breath.
    • Don’t allow your chest to go flat as you blow the feather in the air, use your diaphragm.

2. Start warming up.

Imagine your vocal chords as muscles, they need to be warmed up before a workout and never skip this, it is really important. If you will not warm-up, you will sound like a Febe from Friends.

Mostly there are two ways how singers are warming up:

  • Practice all scales, start from C, then go to D, E,F,G,F,E,D and then C again.
  • Try to keep each scale as long as you can without breaking your voice.

3. Find Your Range.

The highest range is the sound you make when you try to be as womanish as you can and the lowest range is when you try to be a Darth Vader.

Try by singing musical scales and see what’s your lowest and highest pitch. This will also help you to choose what songs to sing.

4. Try to sing into a voice recorder (the hardest part)

No one likes how their voice sounds in the recording, I admit that. But it’s the same as learning a new language, if you won’t hear yourself doing it you won’t know what to fix.

So go in the silent room, put a recorder on the table and try to sing as clear as you can. Try to not get other sounds in the recorder, just your voice.

To get the best recording, be sure to:

  • Over-Articulate words in the beginning. Try to get them as right as possible, try to speak the best language you have ever spoken.
  • Breathe correctly by remembering the first exercise. If you are getting a bad voice, warm up more!

5. Drink plenty of water.

This is not even about singing, it’s for the throat, don’t allow it to get dry. Drink small amounts through the day because this will loosen your vocal cords. Don’t drink milk, yogurt, and sugars drinks before training or singing, it will make your voice thick.

6. Practice daily.

Don’t miss it, practice daily, if you can’t, try to make a pitched noise. Do everything you can to move your vocal cords. If you can sing, do it with a recorder all the time. Listen to parts where you are not good and repeat till you master it.

7. The nose is your friend!

The nose is one of the most important things when you are singing. It helps you to breathe! Funny right? The newbies usually sound nasal, like they are singing with a nose closed. That’s the reason why you need to train your nose breathing as well!

So when you are singing, your throat has to be as wide open as possible and tongue needs to be put aside (little bit forward and touching lower teeth).

This will open your nose and allow air to flow through and will make your voice sound clearer!

8. Singing your vowels is the best practice!

Use your diaphragm. Sing vowels. Be ready to fail. The vowels are the hardest part to sing out, so those you must train as hard as possible. Do this:

  • Don’t move your neck, keep it steady and don’t sing with it, sing with the mouth.
  • Keep your mouth open when you sing out vowels.
  • The “NG” is the hardest thing to sing out, a practice that the most.
  • ‘ah” as well – sing with mouth open.

9. Sing the high ground, ekhm – pitch I mean.

Have you seen the faces on those ‘Got Talent” shows when someone starts to sing so high, people start crying? That’s what you need to achieve!

High notes are like cheese on the pizza. You can live without it, but then it’s not pizza. If you trained hard as I told you, then you should know your pitch limit by now. The next goal for you is to train for the higher notes than you thought is possible. The sky is your limit!

When you are singing the highest note you can – imagine you are falling from a house or riding American Coasters and get out the scream! But remember, you don’t want to “scream”, you need to get out the high-pitch, not the scream itself!

10. Breathing Exercises are mandatory daily!

Put breathing exercises in your daily routine. You can be in the office, driving, walking, anywhere.

Try this exercise out.

  • Breath in for ~4 seconds, then slowly breathe out through your teeth about 4 seconds.
  • Breathe in for 6 seconds, breathe out for 12.
  • Breathe in for 2, breathe out for 10.
  • Breathe in for 4, breathe out for 16.
  • Breathe in for 2, breathe out for 16.
  • Breathe in for 4, breathe out for 20.
  • Breathe in for 2, breathe out for 20.
  • Remember to hiss out!

11. Try to sing publically!

When you feel like you are ready to sing normally and you are not afraid to be in public, go do it! This will help you understand if you can sing in public and sometimes if the timing is right, you will sing as well as ever!

If you have serious plans about being a singer you need to go out as much as possible. Fail on the stage or not it does not matter, you are training! The more you sing publically, the more fearless you will be on the big stage.

12. If you want to be a professional, get professional help!

You will save time, money, and nerves if you get professional help. They will help you with great feedback in real-time as well they have some serious tips and tricks. You can tell them your goals and they will tell you what you need to do to achieve them!

13. Try social media!

When you feel you are ready to be something more make a video and put it on youtube. Sometimes social media comment section is a goldmine and you will see if your singing niche is good or maybe you need to learn for a bit more.

14. Learn Basic Music Theory

To be a good singer means you understand music right? To be THE BEST, you need to learn from the best.

Here are some of the ways knowing music theory can help you be a better singer:

Learn music: Learn how your favorite singers started out, how they trained and look closely at how they sing, how they move. Don’t try to copy them, but you can use a technique or two.

Versatility: You will need to start with some basic songs, but no one is saying you need to keep doing that! Put Jazz together with metal, sing POP with Classical music, the sky is your limit again!

Auditions: You can learn music theory and history at auditions when you apply, most of them are for free! Auditions actually are a really good way to get a reasonable opinion about your singing.

15. Dictation

I must say that this is really important. We have so many bad singers nowadays who are abnormally popular and they are making a bad example in the world. They are doubling out words and speak as only their mother understands. You need to be better than them. Try to spell each word perfectly and when you sing – don’t miss characters or parts of the word.

5 Great Products to Help You Learn To Sing.

1. Singorama – Essential Guide To Singing.

Vocal mentors don’t would like you to understand quickly – otherwise, how would they make a living? For any cost that is certainly lower than what some performing trainers will ask you for starters session, you might choose online performing training.

With Singorama, you receive a full twenty-eight unit vocal course (not forgetting the pile of beneficial bonus deals). Singorama’s performing software addresses every little thing to get a newbie and what they desire to learn about performing, right through to an experienced performer planning to smash through their vocal barriers.

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