Privacy Policy (MasterDaily) respects your privacy and we are committed to complying with the laws governing the privacy of individuals including the laws regulating the way we use the personal information you collect.

This policy can be changed or updated at any time and without prior notice to reflect changing laws and regulations as well as technological developments.

In this policy, Personal Information refers to the definition contained in the Privacy Act 1988, which states that it is:

“Information or an opinion about an identified individual or an individual who is reasonably identifiable; Whether the information or opinion is true or not; and Whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not.”

This information usually contains the names, dates of birth, contact details, and the names of the organizations they work for. It could also include financial information received from credit reporting companies.

Privacy Act refers to the Privacy Act 1988, while Sensitive information refers to the definition that is set out in the Privacy Act including specific types of personal information, such as racial and ethnic origins, health information, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or affiliations as well as a criminal record.

Collecting Personal Information

We will collect and hold your personal information in a way that is fair and lawful, without intrusiveness. As reasonably as possible, we will collect your personal information directly from you. We may collect the personal information you directly give us through some of the following means:

  • At the point of registering with the MasterDaily platform of any other use of the website
  • When administering or carrying out any contracts with any service provider
  • Whenever you contact us either through a phone call, email, or any other means
  • If you fill any of our surveys or polls
  • While we carry out any of the purposes of our business

We may also collect personal information from public channels and third parties, such as your employers, partners, suppliers, contractors, clients or recruitment agencies.

Where we collect personal information concerning you from a third party, we may ask that you should be notified about it and you may get in touch with us to ensure that we have the correct and updated version.

Types of Personal Information

We collect personal information which may include your name, email address, postal address, date of birth, current address, and phone numbers. This list is not exhaustive as it could also include information that includes bank details, credit card details, billing information, employment history, and driver’s license. The type of information we collect about you depends largely on the nature of the account you register for on the MasterDaily website.

For Buyers, we collect information that tells us the kind of property you prefer and information about the way you use the website and how you engage with the properties there. For Agents on the other hand we collect information regarding your agency and job title, your real estate license, and any relevant information.

Any information made available by you in updating your profile on the MasterDaily website will also be collected by us. This includes photos you provide, which will be used as part of your user profile, and accessible to other registered users.

We will not collect sensitive information without your consent, except as provided in the Privacy Act. You may choose to withhold your consent, but this means that we will be unable to provide the goods or services you may require.

Purpose for Collection

Our purpose for collecting personal information is for circumstances that are relevant including to:

  1. Confirm your identity
  2. Run and manage the MasterDaily website in a way that lets registered users interact with each other and with the platform
  • Make our services available
  1. Send you updates and newsletters to which you have subscribed, from the MasterDaily website
  2. Improve user experience
  3. Enhance the security of the MasterDaily website to make the experience secure for all users
  • Communicate with you in compliance with legal, statutory, and tax regulations
  • For any reason necessary for the running of our business.

Third-Party Disclosure

We may disclose personal information to third parties such as our contractors, suppliers or trusted partners if we think you might be interested in their products and services, as well as our technical and support partners. Also, we may disclose your personal information in situations where such disclosure is authorised or compelled, and in accordance to law.

Third parties to whom we disclose your information are required to protect such information as vigorously as we do.

In using the MasterDaily website, you may also be sharing your personal information with other users. You can always change the privacy settings of your account on the website to limit (or expand) who has access to your information.

Protection of Personal Information

We employ every means possible to ensure that any personal information we collect about you is secure ad well protected. We use high tech security tools to ensure the protection of our electronic databases and make sure that employees and third parties who have access to such records are in compliance with the security requirements.

Personal information that is no longer needed will be destroyed or de-identified.


You may get in touch with us at any time if you choose to change, correct or update your personal information. Should we refuse access (though such occasions are rare and far between), we will include a written statement stating the reason for refusal.

We are under no obligation whatsoever to correct or update your personal information if in our opinion it does not need such correction or update. Should we refuse a request to correct, we will include a written statement stating the reason for refusal.


We make use of cookies to help us know how best to customize your experience on our platform. Cookies.


For complaints or any questions regarding the way your personal information is being handled by us, feel free to reach out to us through the address provided below.

We might request that you provide additional information about your question and after a reasonable time, we may initiate an investigation into the question and will endeavour to provide a response.

Every complaint or question is important to us and we will do our best to respond within a reasonable length of time. If your complaint is not handled to your satisfaction, kindly contact Office of the Information Commissioner:

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