What Color Glass Looks Best in Fire Pit: A Look Into Fire Glass Crystals

What Color Glass Looks Best in Fire Pit

The look of the device matters as much as its function. Burning or not, your fire pit has to look great. It should be easy enough to figure out if the item looks great when it’s not burning, but how about when it is? The answer comes down to more than just the fire pit’s overall […]

Best Fire Pit Kits In 2023

Best Fire Pit Kit

The best fire pit kits give you the freedom to make any specific design you have in mind a reality. That is just for starters. A kit has everything you need to build a custom fire feature, saving you from the trouble of finding each component. On top of this, buying a complete set ensures […]

The Best Camping Fire Pit: Your Guide to the Perfect Campfire

Best Fire Pit

The best camping fire pit can transform a chilly night under the starry sky into a warm and cozy evening. Nothing elevates a good conversation over roasting marshmallows like the sound of crackling twigs and the sight of glowing ember. However, your work is cut out for you if you shop for a portable fire […]