10 Best Block Planes for Woodworking

Block planes are tools used by carpenters to plane across the end grain of woods. It is a small planning tool designed with a steel blade set at a definite acute angle. This is set to cut end grains in the wood. Block planes are made of wooden and steel parts and should be used comfortably with a single hand.

Majorly, the use of the block plane is to pare end grain on the wood. They are usually driven over the wood at an angle like 45 degrees. This is important to achieve the best result in terms of shavings.

While there are many block planes available in the market, the best ones are usually balanced and compact. There are low angled models or a standard version. Block planes are an essential tool for giving the necessary finishing touches to your project.

The best block planes are usually compact. It should fit nicely into your palm, and be natural to use. They come with a rounded iron cap which gives the user leverage when the sole of the plane is pressed against the wood.

10 Best Block Planes for Woodworking

1. Stanley 12-920 6-1/4-Inch Contractor Grade Block Plane

Stanley 12-920 6-1/4-Inch Contractor Grade Block Plane

This block plane features a grey cast iron base coated with durable epoxy to make it durable. It is tempered and hardened which makes it a precision ground tool steel cutter.

There is a quick release cam lock which ensures easy blade removal. It is recommended for planning plastic and end grain materials.  It is a good and tested tool to get rid of debris from your workpiece.

Users will enjoy low vibration and a good finish with this block plain. It is made with hardened and tempered steel which makes it very efficient, reliable and also durable!  It is 6-1/4 inches long; 1-5/8-inch cutter and users will enjoy a limited lifetime warranty.


2. Bench Plane No. 5 – Iron Jack Plane

This is a 14 inch long plane with a width of 2 inches. The knob and handles come in smoothed, polished, stained and finished natural wood, while the 2-inch blade features tempered and hardened steel which gives precision and durability. It has a wedge control knob that is made of solid brass. Which makes it very durable compared to competitors.

On buying this block plane, it comes with covered with packing oil which can easily be wiped upon arrival. You can use the pre-mounted iron blade as it is stone sharpened – never feel with the finger, use a paper instead. The No 5 bench plane comes with double blades – the pre-mounted and the spare one.


3. E.C. Emmerich 649P Adjustable Block Plane

E.C. Emmerich 649P Adjustable Block Plane

The E.C.E No.649P adjustable block plane is durable and designed to handle everything you throw at it. Light in weight, it is very portable and can comfortably fit your pocket. It features Rock hard Lignum Vitae with the capacity to lubricate itself while using.

The comfortable adjustment doubles as a palm rest which makes usage easy. It is a wooden block plane, a great alternative to metal ones. It comes with a screw adjustment for the blade which makes it stand out from another wooden plane.


4. No.60 Block Plane

Stanley 12-139 Bailey No.60-1/2 Low Angle Block Plane

Weighing just 10.6 ounces, this low angle block plane features a cutter that rests at an angle of 21 degrees. It also features a 1-5/8 inch blade plane that is well suited for cross-grain planning. The cutter is 6.5 inches long and can be adjusted for alignment as well as the depth of cuts.

It features a cast iron base with precision-ground coated with a durable epoxy. This makes it strong and able to withstand anything thrown at it. Iron can be easily removed with the quick release cam lock. The manufacturers of this block plane were skillful enough to make it safe and comfortable for users due to the ergonomic shape.


5. WoodRiver Standard Block Plane with Adjustable Mouth

WoodRiver Standard Block Plane with Adjustable Mouth

The WoodRiver Block Plane is considered as one of the best block planes in the market. It features a common chrome plated knuckle cap which brings designs of past years into memory. It comes with features like new and improved base castings meant to give extra durability to the blade bedding area.

It comes with an adjustable mouth that is smooth to operate which allows for easy maneuvering of the mouth for various work operation. The ductile iron castings are for stress relieve and are precision machined. The various planes come with a high carbon tool steel blade hardened for maximum edge retention.


6. Wood Corner Plane by EnPoint

Mini Wood Planer Hand Tool, Kattool Flat Bottom Wood Plane Tool Hand Plane Wood Trimming Plane for Woodworking, Wood Planing Surface Smoothing, with 1 Planer Blade and 1 Metal Fixer

Weighing 7.4 ounces, this Woodworking Block Plane is one of the best and widely used. It is very hard and comes with an ebony cutter and a steel cutter. It is powerful and the materials are strong and last long.

The Woodworking Block Plane comes in a portable and artistic design, with an ergonomic design. This makes it easy to fit the hand and comfortable for long time operation. The blades are sharpened and replaceable which allows you to work easily, comfortably and efficiently. It is ideal for corner shaping of plastic, acrylic, bamboo and edge trimming.


7. Small Wood Bench Plane

Hand Plane, Kattool Smooth Plane Adjustable Wood Plane Bench Plane Smoothing Plane for Woodworking, with 1 Blade 1 Wood Fixer & 1 replacement blade

This is the perfect block plane for beginners, professionals, DIY jobs etc. It is best for all-grain plain as it features a cutter resting at 21 degrees. The blade cutter is 1.8 inches long and comes with an adjustable bench plane as well. It features a smart screw system which helps in fixing and adjusting. It is comfortable and easy to use as the depth and alignment come pretty easy.

It is the perfect tool to meet the various requirements of your job. It features blade cutter made of steel and manganese. The blade is sturdy, powerful and long-lasting which gives it the ability to handle wood perfectly. It is light in weight, resistant to wear which makes it very efficient.

8. Zinnor Wood Block Planes

Zinnor 3 Pcs Woodworking Planing Wood Block Plane Carpenter's Tool Wood Hand Tools

The Zinnor 3 Pcs wood block plane is made from the very strong wood of high quality, dense structure and highly resistant to rust, moisture, and abrasion. The blade features polished and high-quality steel which makes it durable, strong and sharp enough to handle anything that you throw at it.

With the Zinnor 3 Pcs Woodworking Plane, you can perform various woodworking operations like thinning, straightening, light emitting etc. It is the perfect tool to build your block toys, for your home decorations as well as all furniture manufacturing task.


9. Mini Hand Planer by EnPoint

Stanley 12-101 Small Trimming Plane

This mini hand planer is one of the best block planes on the market for providing various trimming functions for woodwork. It features an ergonomic design which makes it for the hand perfectly making it comfortable for long-term use. This block plane features a very quality stainless steel coated with nickel which makes it strong and long-lasting.

It is small in weight, portable and will fit lightly into the pocket. It features flat bottom made with edge blade cutter with the ability to remove large chips. With the rotary screw, you can fix and adjust the blade to your preferred setting. You can even assemble and disassemble the blade without any special tool!


10. Shop Fox D2672 Block Plane

Shop Fox D2672 1-5/8-Inch by 6-7/8-Inch Block Plane

The shop fox cast iron features block plane which does the job of trimming across any grain perfectly. With this block plane, you can get the perfect fit for all your projects. This is one of the most perfect block planes in town as it features accurate adjustment, precision milling, and a sturdy cast iron construction.

Once you get the perfect setting, the block plane stays perfect ready for whatever you throw at it without the need for much readjustments. The steel is of high quality it retains its sharpness even after many uses.


In conclusion

These are essential qualities that must be present in the top block plain. With the many block planes available in the market, we have picked the top ten. We have discussed the essential features and what makes it part of our selection. Join me as I review the top block plain available in the market.

We have discussed the top block plane available in the market. We hope the various distinguishing features of each will guide you in selecting the most appropriate block plane suitable for your project.

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