12 Best Cushion Insoles For Sports and Work

There are many reasons you need the right pairs of an insole. This is especially important if you love to run or spend a lot of time on your feet. Having the right pairs of insole can make a lot of difference.

Thus, there is no point in spending a lot of money is if you suffer from blisters or foot pain. Replacing your shoe’s insole with a high-quality pair of shoe insole will get you the needed relief. Asides, it will provide comfort and reduce swelling caused by sweaty feet.

If you desire a comfortable, supportive, and cheap insole, we have picked the top ten available in the market. With the right pair of an insole, you can improve how your sole feel and your overall comfort. As a result, here are the top ten reviews of the best cushion insole. We have discussed the characteristics of some selected ones.

We hope this best cushion insole review will guide you in selecting the best for you.

12 Best Cushion Insoles For Healthier Feet

Best deal – FitMyFoot Insoles

Getting custom-fit footwear has never been easier. Purchase your product on the FitMyFoot website and then use their award winning app, Foot.Science, to take your foot measurements. They 3D print your insoles to fit you and nobody else. FitMyFoot insoles are digitally mapped to your unique body – even between your left and right feet!

FitMyFoot products are scientifically proven to reduce pronation while running and relieve the forces on the muscles of the feet, helping to reduce the issues that come along with overpronation. The custom arch support distributes loading and force across your entire foot, relieving stress and strain on peak pressure points, bunions, forefoot, and the plantar fascia.

Each order is quality checked by biomechanical experts to ensure product quality. Arches are printed using high-quality nylon material, offering flexibility to provide a wide range of motion while supporting arches. The middle layer is made of Polyurethane foam, which is a flexible, long-lasting material, while the top cloth is a closed-cell, poly-cotton blended mesh. The insoles have a deep, shock-absorbing heel cup that hugs and cradles your feet to help stabilize and absorb shock as you walk. The premium grade top layer adds a touch of spring without adding excessive bulk to your shoes.

FitMyFoot also provides an informational newsletter, FootPrints, where you can get the latest tips and information from the experts in foot wellness and overall health. Subscribe on their website and be first to hear about exclusive updates and offers from FitMyFoot.

1. ClearComfort™ Athletic Shoe Insoles

ClearComfort™ Athletic Shoe Insoles
ClearComfort™ Athletic Shoe Insoles

ClearComfort™ provides some of the most affordable, versatile & highest quality shoe insoles currently available on the market.

Made from an advanced honeycomb-structured gel, the ClearComfort™ insoles provide unrivaled levels of cushioning support around both heel and forefoot, with a contoured layer of firmer gel providing additional support to the arch in your foot.

The full-length insoles not only provide additional food support but also help to relieve heel pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis pain, and reduces foot fatigue.

Whether you need insoles for hiking, running, or just walking around the office, ClearComfort™ is guaranteed to improve the cushioning in your shoes.

2. Dr. Scholl’s Fasciitis Athletic Insoles Cushion

Dr. Scholl’s RUNNING Insoles // Reduce Shock and Prevent Common Running Injuries: Runner's Knee, Plantar Fasciitis and Shin Splints (for Men's 7.5-10, also available for Men's 10.5-14 & Women's 5.5-9)

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The Dr.Scholl’s is designed to distribute the entire weight of the whole body evenly. With this, users enjoy the reduced pressure and minimal shock of every step. It features a medium step skeleton which gives the right support for the midfoot.

The heel cup gives the needed stability for the hindfoot and guards against unwanted rotation. The fabric is antibacterial which reduces odor from sweaty feet. It is ideal for training, running, and casual use. People suffering from Tarsal Tunnel, Arch Pain, Heel Pain, Hammer Toes, Arthritis, Ball of Foot Pain, etc.

3. Keklle 2 Pairs of Foot Insoles for Women

Arch Support for Flat Feet & Plantar Fasciitis, Gel Shoe Inserts Relieve Foot Pain for Women & Men (2 Pairs)


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The Keklle insole is designed for people who want to relieve from callus, blisters, and foot pain. These soft get metatarsal pads are made of high-quality durable materials, highly elastic, and pretty flexible. It features a strong adhesive that allows it safe for wash and multiple uses.

It features a shock-absorbent silica gel which keeps the skin protected from the shoe. The cushion makes the foot comfortable by preventing excess sweat thereby reducing odor.

4. HappyStep Shoe Insoles

Happystep Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics Memory Foam Insoles Shoe Inserts (Size L: US Men 8-12 or Women 9-14)

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HappyStep Shoe insole is made of soft and rebound memory foam. This brings about dynamic support and a cushioning system for the sole. Users will enjoy high-density foam proven to last longer.

It is highly recommended for footwear where the factory insoles have been removed. The full-arch shell gives better support and stability. The kit is very light and comes in various sizes recommended for men and women.

5. Dr. Scholl’s Comfort and Energy Work Insoles for Men

Dr. Scholl's WORK Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles (Men's 8-14) // All-Day Shock Absorption and Cushioning for Hard Surfaces (Packaging May Vary), 1 Count

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Dr. Scholl’s Energy Work Insoles is made especially for people who experience fatigue and discomfort as a result of working on a hard surface all day. It comes with massaging Gel technology with a strong cushion to absorb shock throughout the whole day

It features firm columns that give contoured support to the arch area. It is ideal for use with casual boots and sneakers as well as work boots. You are bound to feel energized with this insole in place.

6. Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole

Timberland PRO Men's Anti Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole,Orange,Large/10-11 M US

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This insole is perfectly designed to reduce fatigue by providing comfort and support at its peak. This insole comes in an inverted cone foam which neutralizes shock and gets you energized with every step. The special anti-fatigue technology helps users stay comfortable on their feet all through the day.

This insole is the perfect choice for people who work in a demanding environment. With its comfort, durability, and all-day protection, it ensures users get the best from the insole. It features a contoured insole which gives huge support at the main pressure points like the ball and heel of the foot.

7. Sof Sole Insoles Men’s ATHLETE Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Cushion

Sof Sole Insoles Men's Athlete Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert, Men's 11-12.5 Blue

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The Sof Sole is the right fit for both casual and athletic footwear. It is best for cross-training, running and working. It features a contoured neutral arch inside which fits most types of foot. Users enjoy comfort and performance without bulk via the gel pads in the forefoot and heel.

It comes in various sizes to fit men and women. There is the moisture wicking treatment which keeps the fit at normal temperature thus preventing odor from sweat.

8. Powerstep Original Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles

Powerstep Original Orthotics Insole, Blue/Black, Men's 11-11.5, Women's 13-13.5

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The PowerStep shoe insole has quite a lot of features to provide maximum capacity and comfort for the user. Firm but flexible support shell, it features built-in arch support as well as heel cradle for better stability. It features an ultra-thin low profile design that fits most footwear.

It is the best foot accessory for relieving and preventing pain associated with the heel, plantar fasciitis, and arch pain. The dual-layer cushioning gives the needed support and shock-absorbing capacity while standing or walking.

9. OptiFeet Height Increase Insole Cushion

Height Increase Insoles, 4-Layer Orthotic Heel Shoe Lift kit with Air Cushion Elevator Shoe Insole Lifts Kits Inserts for Men & Women Taller Insoles 1.2" to 3.5" Variable Height Adjustable

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Seeking for the perfect insole for wedding, meeting or that special event, the OptiFeet Height Increase Insoles is the best for you. It features an air-cushioned design that improves comfort. It is made with antimicrobial fabric which allows optimum air circulation to prevent foul odor from moisture buildup.

It is the ideal shoe accessory to help keep the feet dry, cool and free from odor. It comes with massage beads which are proven to improve blood circulation and absorb shock.

10. Insole Cushions for Men’s Work Boots

Mens Insole for Work Boots. Extra Cushion Insole with Flexible Support. Adaptive Arch and Gel Insert (Diamond Plate, US 10.5-12 / EU 43-45)

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Seeking for the perfect insole for hiking and casual boot for men and women, this is the right choice. It helps reduce back and other pain via the alignment provided by the insole. With this insole, the user can enjoy comfort and rebound, and the needed energy to go through the day.

The gel pads alongside the heel and arch support work together to keep fatigued and leg strain minimum.

11. Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles

Powerstep Pinnacle Insole, BLUE, Men's 10-10.5, Women's 12


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The power step insole comes with a durable EVA foam base and a comfortable layer on top which gives comfort at its peak. It is made with high-quality fabric proven to reduce heat and friction hence keeping the feet healthy and free of odor and blisters.

It features firm and flexible arch support which increases the support and stability you get with the insole. It is recommended for people suffering from all kinds of foot pains. It can fit various types of the shoe – work shoes, casual boot, or athletic boots.


There are many cushion insoles available in the market. They provide various forms of protection and comfort.

With this review, we hope you get to choose the most appropriate and the one that fits you best!

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