5 Best Invisible Wireless Pet Fences And Buying Guide


In 1973, Richard Parker had devised an electric dog fence to control dogs and other animals. An electric dog fence is not quite recently successful, but rather is the best approach to ensure that your dog remains on your property. The larger part of the electric dog fence utilizes static rectification, sound-related signs, or vibration boosts to caution the dog when he is leaving boundaries.

As indicated by a review done by the Institute of Animal Welfare and Behavior, the static correction electric collar has an adequate rate of 92%, considerably higher than different types of remedy. With regards to giving the main assurance to man’s closest companion, the electric dog fence is the best, moderate choice for ensuring security.

Dogs are undeniably great! They can be man and woman’s best friends. Of course, it is true that dogs can be a great deal of responsibility. First and foremost, it is absolutely essential to make sure your dog knows his or her boundaries.

They cannot and must not be allowed to roam freely or they might wind up getting injured or hurting a neighbor. The wireless dog fence can be very beneficial for preventing your pooch from overstepping its boundaries. Within this guide, you will learn how the wireless fence for dogs can protect your dog, as well as your neighbors.

The Best Invisible Wireless Fences Listed

1. PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence 

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System, Covers up to 1/2 Acre, for Dogs over 8 lb, Waterproof Receiver with Tone / Static Correction - From The Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE Brand

Keeping your pets safely inside a contained area can be challenging, especially if you reside in a subdivision. Many homeowners residing in subdivisions are oftentimes living under strict rules and regulations, leaving little option for fences and gates.

This is where the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System will come into play. This system covers a circular area that can be adjusted up to ½ acre. Instead of having unsightly fences, you have a wireless fence that is buried underground.

Notable Specifications

  • Covers up to ½ acre
  • The receiver has a waterproof design
  • Easy installation only requires digging trenches and burring the barrier
  • The collar is adjustable from 6-28”
  • Supports an unlimited number of pets (each pet requires a receiver collar)

Overall Assessment

PetSafe is one of the most popular brands in the world that produces premium pet containment systems and other products. Owners can rely on the PetSafe Wireless Containment System to keep their pets safe and secure at all times. With ½ acre of the adjustable area to work with, your pets will have plenty of room to play and exercise, without the need to worry about their safety.

2. SportDOG SDF-100A Underground Dog Fence System

The SportDOG SDF-100A Underground Dog Fence System may be exactly what you are looking for to keep your pets safe. This system contains everything you need to establish an invisible barrier on your premises.

The collar receiver has a waterproof seal to prevent moisture from seeping into the interior compartment. This design is a necessity for pets that spend most of their time outdoors. The SportDOG system is expandable up to as many pets as you can handle, as long as they are fitted with a collar receiver.

Notable Specifications

  • 4 Adjustable tone, vibration, and stimulation levels
  • Package includes 1,000’ of electrical wiring
  • Adjustable up to 1-1/3 acre (with additional wiring, expandable up to 100 acres)
  • Supports an unlimited number of pets (collar receiver needed for each pet)
  • Suitable for canines 10 pounds and over
  • 9 Volt battery offers 6-12 month run time
  • 100 Flags also included in the package

Overall Assessment

The SportDOG In-Ground Fence System operates utilizing a radio signal that is transmitted from the boundary wire to the fence transmitter. The system is a humane method that will keep your pets safe and secure at all times.

Be sure to take advantage of the flags, because they will assist in training your pets, where the boundary fence is located. To dismiss any concerns of lighting dangers, be sure to consider an additional lighting protector.

3. eXtreme Professional Electric Dog Fence System

There are many excellent dog containment systems, but few can match the versatility and performance of the eXtreme Professional Electric Dog Fence System. The fence is very easy to install. In fact, I was able to get it set up within a matter of thirty minutes or so. I sincerely believe anyone will be able to do the same.

At the same time, the system is available in numerous packages. The various packages differ depending on the amount of space enclosed and the number of dogs monitored. This ensures each consumer is able to find a package that suits their precise needs and budget.

For added peace of mind, the receiver collar is completely waterproof. The correction strength is also adjustable, with 5 different levels to choose from. Each package comes with at least 1 collar, a transmitter, flags, and wire. Suffice to say, you won’t have to worry about buying anything else.

Notable Specifications

  • 5 correction levels to choose from
  • The installation process is very simple
  • Available in various packages
  • Suitable for 1-5 dogs
  • Packages range from 500 to 1,500 feet
  • Collar is waterproof
  • The wire is heavy-duty and built to last
  • Collar uses replaceable batteries

All in all, the eXtreme Professional Electric Dog Fence is definitely a good investment. I have found that it works efficiently and the installation process was uncomplicated. At the same time, I can appreciate the diversity of the packages available.

This helps to ensure that the eXtreme Dog Fence will be a suitable solution for almost all consumers. If you need a good dog fence for your pooch, this one is well worth checking out in greater detail!

4. PetSafe Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence

Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence

If you want to keep your pet safe outdoors, the best way to do it is with the PetSafe Elite Dog In-Ground Fence. This fence is designed to ensure the animal’s safety, but give a little warning to alert of a barrier. This system is suitable for small breeds, such as poodles, Chihuahuas and dachshunds.

The collar is adjustable from 6” up to 26”, so you can customize the perfect fit for your furry friend. The collar is also embedded with a reflective strip, so you will be able to see where he/she is, when outside after dark. The receiver unit has a low battery indicator to alert you that it is time to replace the batteries.

Notable Specifications

  • Built-in LED battery indicator light
  • Suitable for small breeds only
  • Includes 20 gauge 500 feet of electrical cable
  • The collar is adjustable from 6-26 inches
  • A DVD tutorial guide is also included in the package
  • Produces an audible warning tone, prior to an initial low-grade electric pulse
  • The transmitter has a surge protection

The electric charge is adjustable, with 4 levels of electrostatic correction. One of the built-in modes is designed for training and only produces an audible tone, without static correction. This is a very humane way to teach your dog to stay within the virtual fence.

The system is very easy to install, since it is buried under the ground, it will never interfere with your yard work. It is important to note that the wire must be buried at least 3’ under the ground. It is also highly recommended to have at least 2 to 3 ten-minute training lessons daily.

5. My Pet Command Wireless Underground Dog Fence System

My Pet Command Wireless Underground Dog Fence System, Dual Function With Remote Dog Training Collar System Safe Pet Containment Waterproof Shock Collar Extra Thick Durable Polyolefin 13 AWG Wire Fence

Those looking for an outstanding invisible fence, which will not break the bank, should look no further than the My Pet Command. This specific fence comes with 2 collars, so it is capable of keeping two dogs contained at once. The system’s boundary wire is much thicker than ever before. This helps to make the installation process much easier, while also extending the longevity of the wire.

The system also comes with 5 levels of correction. This allows you to adjust the force to accommodate your dog’s stubbornness and size perfectly. The system includes enough cord to cover a third of an acre, but the transmitter has a range of up to 5 acres. Therefore, the system can be expanded with additional wire.

Notable Specifications

  • Comes with everything you need to cover 1/3 of an acre
  • Transmitter has a range of up to 5 acres
  • Full money-back guarantee for 12 months
  • 5 levels of correction to choose from
  • Comes with 2 collars for protecting 2 dogs simultaneously
  • Thicker wire is more durable
  • All components are compact and easily portable

Overall Assessment

The My Pet Command Invisible Dog Fence is definitely a suitable solution for all dog owners. The price is affordable, yet the system is capable of accommodating two dogs simultaneously. And, the included wire should be sufficient for the majority of consumers. If not, the system can easily be expanded to accommodate your precise needs. For the price, it could easily be classified as a great bargain.

How Invisible Fence For Dogs Work

First and foremost, you should take the time to develop a full understanding of the invisible fence. The product will come with a handful of different components, including barriers and the PetSafe collar. The barriers are placed around your yard to set up your perimeter.

And obviously, the collar is attached to the dog’s neck. After the system is set up and switched on, the dog will receive a shock anytime he or she attempts to cross over the invisible barrier. I understand that the system might seem a little complicated, but it is actually very basic.

The installation is simplified and can be completed by almost anyone. There are indoor and outdoor invisible fences, but for indoor, you can use expandable gates, or free-standing gates, it’s much cheaper than this kind of device for internal use.

When you hear the phrase ‘electronic fence’, you may immediately think of the ugly barriers erected around some livestock fields. Thankfully, these eyesores are nowhere near the reality for dog containment. An electronic dog fence is largely invisible – and that’s the case no matter what variant you choose.

All electronic dog fences work by realizing when the dog is approaching the boundary. It corrects this by first making a beeping noise and then giving your pet a mild electric shock, delivered through a lightweight collar.

Some models work by means of burying a wire underground. Some work via radio transmitters, giving your dog an allowed radius in which to roam. Some even work via GPS systems! All of these methods can be adjusted so that you can accurately keep your dog within the boundaries you choose. The type that is best for you will depend on the size and shape of your yard, your budget, and your dog.

If you are unsure which kind of electronic fence is best for you and your dog, please email us and we will help you choose.

Generally, the ‘control center’ for these devices is kept somewhere central but discreet – a garage or a basement. The control unit will run off mains electricity, whilst the collar will use battery power.

Depending on the type of dog, you can adjust the level of electric shock. This is very easily done. We stress that these shocks are very mild – you will not be hurting your pet, merely startling it. Your device will come with recommended levels for different sizes of dogs.

If you want to take your dog for a walk away from your land, simply remove the collar and replace it with a normal one.

Electronic fences are suitable for almost all breeds of dogs. The only exceptions are extremely small toy breeds – your dog should weigh over 2.5lb so that it can comfortably wear the collar.

A Necessity For Everyone

Many dog owners will not purchase one of these products, due to the invisible fence cost. This is truly unfortunate. The cost might seem substantial, but the peace of mind and protection provided by the fence undeniably overshadow that minute factor.

In fact, I strongly believe that an invisible fence is a necessity for everyone who intends to own a dog. The fence will allow you to know that your dog will not be able to roam too far and get into trouble. If you reside in a high-traffic area, the fence can protect your dog from traffic and a potentially fatal accident.

And finally, you must understand that you will be responsible for your dog’s behavior. If he or she breaks out of his fence and attacks the neighbor, you will be responsible for damages and medical bills. The invisible fence can help you avoid all of these calamities.

One question that many dog owners agonize over (and spend a lot of money trying to answer) is: “How do I keep my dog in my yard?

From the wily terrier to the athletic hound, our beloved pets seem to have a bottomless supply of energy to expend when trying to escape. It can be a constant source of worry for a dog owner. What if my pet gets into traffic? Gets lost? Starts running after a deer and ends up five miles away?

We’ve got a lot of experience in this field, and think that the electronic dog fence is an effective solution to this problem.

Training for Pet Fence

It is simple to train your dog to work with an electronic fence. The supplier of your system should help you with the basics of training – but a dog will rarely ‘challenge’ the boundaries more than a couple of times. Be sure to heap praise upon your pet when he respects the line!

Wireless Pet Fence Advantages


You could easily pay $1,500 to have a high privacy fence installed around a typical 1/4-acre back yard. An invisible, electronic dog fence will cost you much less – even if installed by a professional.

Early training

You can start using your fence when your dog is only eight weeks old. As you know, training a dog early in its life can prevent all kinds of problems with behavior – and getting your pet used to this method of containment early on can be a huge advantage

On the flip side, your dog doesn’t HAVE to be young to be trained in this manner. Nor does it have to be an easily trained breed. An electronic fence is effective in its simplicity – the dog learns very easily and quickly that it shouldn’t stray outside your determined boundaries.


Traditional fencing, at least when it’s tall enough to keep a dog contained, can cause conflict with neighbors and block sunlight from nourishing your yard. Invisible electronic fences don’t have that problem.

On the other hand, if you want to keep your existing fence, an electronic fence is very simple to use alongside it.

Easy to maintain

An electronic fence has the advantage of not needing painting, cleaning or (except in the most unlikely circumstances) repairing after bad weather.


This is the most important advantage! No matter what kind of ‘ordinary’ fence you put up, your dog will probably try to find a way to scale it. We’ve known elderly, poor-sighted spaniels manage to work the latch on a gate. An electronic fence is guaranteed to keep your dog in the yard. Whilst a particularly clever dog will take a normal fence as a challenge, he will learn quickly that the electronic fence is not to be trifled with.

Is Wireless Pet Fence Safe?

Yes, absolutely. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the electric shocks that your dog will experience are extremely mild and pose no threat (nor any major discomfort) to the animal. Most veterinarians – and the ASPCA – agree. The point of the collar is to simply startle your dog, not to hurt it. These are not cruel devices.

As the shocks are administered through your dog’s collar, the fence also poses no danger or discomfort to yourself or your family.

However, as with ALL changes in training, you should be sure to keep your dog under extra close supervision when you first introduce the electronic dog fence.

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