10 Best Luggage Straps for Better Travelling

One of the hassles of traveling is handling luggage. And nothing is more annoying during a well-planned trip than your bag bursting open during transit. Zippers may not completely guarantee that your bag will remain shut as they can give way under mishandling that often occurs during trips. A better way to guarantee a closed bag throughout your trip is to use luggage straps.

Your luggage straps will keep your bags from accidentally popping open during transit. It can also be used to keep two bags attached to each other during transit.

In choosing luggage straps, there are few things to consider. You’ll most probably want to get a luggage strap that makes it easier for you to recognize your bag quickly. It is a good practice to select straps with eye-catching color.

For extra security, a luggage strap with a lock feature is a cool bonus. If you do choose a strap with a lock feature, be sure it is a TSA approved luggage lock, and the lock combination is easy for you to remember. You do not want to be locked out of your own bag!

Below are top 10 luggage straps that will help you choose a good strap for your luggage.

10 Best Luggage Straps

1. BlueCosto Luggage Strap for SuitCase

BlueCosto Luggage Strap Suitcase Belts Travel Accessories, 2-Pack, Green


BlueCosto Luggage Strap is a bright-colored heavy duty luggage strap with a safety buckle that ensures the security of your luggage during transit. It comes in two pieces with a pink color that makes it easy to identify your luggage.

It has a belt length of 46″-78″ / 120-200CM and a width of 2″ / 5CM. It is a universal luggage strap suitable for suitcases of 20″ – 32″. The belt is flexible and adjustable. The buckle is produced using highly durable poly and plastic materials. It does not snap when bent inward or outward as it combines flexibility and durability.

2. Luggage Strap ELASTRAAP Superior Strength with TSA Combination Lock

Luggage Strap ELASTRAAP Superior Strength NON-SLIP with TSA Combination Lock - 2 Sets Lime


ELASTRAAP luggage strap is a great choice when considering a luggage strap with a lock feature. Its strap lock is TSA approved and guarantees your peace of mind while traveling as it secures your bag against accidentally bursting open during transit. Its design also makes your luggage stand out on the baggage carousel.

This strap comes with tough elastic and unique non-slip silicone pad design which ensures that the strap grips the luggage firmly.

This awesome luggage strap has a 2″ wide heavy duty belt and an adjustable length of between 45″ – 80″ to perfectly fit large suitcases, or for securing strollers to car seats.

3. TRANVERS Heavy Duty Luggage Strap For Suitcase

TRANVERS Luggage Strap for Suitcase Heavyduty Travel Belt Adjustable 2-Pack Blue


Here’s another great choice of luggage strap. The Tranvers Heavy Duty Luggage Strap has a uniquely simple design with a built-in luggage identifier function. This eliminates the need to put an extra luggage tag on your suitcase or luggage.

This is a good strap choice if you are not good with remembering lock combinations. It has a quick-release buckle that is easy to fasten but difficult to accidentally undo. So, you do not need to worry about the TSA screener cutting your strap!

It has an adjustable length suitable for luggage of between 16″ – 32″ and has a non-slip durable plastic buckle.

4. ORB Travel Luggage Strap

ORB Travel Premium Designer Luggage Strap -LS303-Multi-Colour-Honeycomb


Using the ORB Travel Luggage Strap ensure you travel worry-free knowing that your luggage is secured against bursting open during transit. With a 2″ wide x 7″ long belt, this heavy duty luggage strap comes with a quick connect buckle.

One of the beautiful things about ORB Travel Luggage Strap is the wide variety of colorful designs it offers. It makes it easier to identify your baggage in the midst of so many that use the ordinary plain color luggage straps.

It comes in stylishly sleek designs with additional matching passport wallet and tags. ORB Travel Luggage Strap can also be used to secure hard case golf equipment at flight terminals.

5. TSA Travel Luggage Strap with Approved Lock

TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks, Re-settable Combination with Alloy Body


With a 3-dial, easy to set, combination lock, this travel luggage strap ensures that your buckle is securely locked with a TSA approved lock. This means airport security won’t have to damage your strap or bag while trying to examine your luggage.

This product is a great fit for your luggage of sizes between 18″ and 32″. Its heavy duty adjustable belt has a maximum length of 165″ and 2″ width. The straps are simple and easy to fasten around luggage. It has a high-quality nylon webbing strap, and its buckle is made from the best quality of polypropylene plastic. The strap comes with an additional ID tag slot.

6. Luggage Cross Straps With A TSA Combination Lock

WESTONETEK Adjustable Luggage Strap Long Cross Design Travel Suitcase Belt with 3 Dial TSA Approved Combination Lock for Airport Security and Baggage, Rainbow Straps


Ensure your bags are safe and secure during trips with this superb choice of luggage strap as it comes with a TSA approved combination lock. You do not have to constantly worry about the safety of your luggage with its lock feature securely in place.

Produced from high-quality materials, it does not snap when bent inward or outward. It securely fastens your luggage to ensure they do not accidentally open no matter the condition during transit. It comes with an attractive color, a unique modern design, and texture. There is a money-back guarantee on this product in case of faulty or damaged product.

7.Swify Luggage Strap For A Suitcase TSA Approved

Samsonite Luggage Strap, Black


With two cross straps connected by two stainless steel buckle, Swify Luggage Strap is designed to protect your luggage from unintentional opening during rough transportation, and its stainless buckles ensure the straps don’t slip off.

Swify Luggage Strap has a built-in ID tag slot on each pair of belts, which comes in bright color and special pattern design to help you in quickly identifying your luggage right from the baggage carousel at the airport.

It is a universal luggage strap suitable for the baggage of sizes ranging from 20″ – 32″, with durable and adjustable belt lengths. It comes fitted with a quick-release buckle without key-lock.

8. Adjustable Luggage Straps for Suitcase

Adjustable Travel Luggage Strap Suitcase Belt Travel Bag Accessories 1.96 in W x 6.23 ft L(2Pack)


When you order for this luggage strap, you get 4 pieces of bright blue printed luggage strap which makes it easy to identify your luggage in a space packed full of similar bags.

The straps are heavy duty luggage straps made of super quality poly and plastic material with secure buckle closures that guarantee the security of your baggage. It has a maximum length of 46″ – 78″ /120-200cm and a width of 1.95″ / 5cm. It is designed to suit 20″ – 32″ suitcases.

There is provision for inserting your identification details such as name and address in its tag slot to avoid losing your luggage.

9. Adjustable Travel Luggage Straps

Adjustable Travel Luggage Strap Suitcase Belt Travel Bag Accessories 1.96 in W x 6.23 ft L(2Pack)


Planning a domestic or overseas trip? This is a perfect travel mate for your luggage! This travel luggage strap is specially designed with safety in mind. It is made from Heavy Duty PP Fiber and the straps are secured with an ABS buckle closure. This guarantees maximum peace of mind in connection to the safety of your luggage during transit.

A complete pack comes in 4 pieces with a distinguishing color which makes identification of luggage very easy. It has an adjustable 42″ – 78″ strap length with a 2″ width perfectly suited for bags and suitcases of sizes ranges between 20″ – 30″.

10. Hibate Adjustable Travel Luggage Straps

Hibate Adjustable Luggage Strap Suitcase Straps Bag Belt Travel Accessories - Multicolor, 4 Pack


Hibate Adjustable Travel Luggage Strap is made out of the finest materials. It has an easy to use safety buckle whose clasps are not easily breakable. This strap holds your luggage securely fastened throughout the duration of your travel to ensure they do not accidentally come apart or break open even in rough transit conditions.

It comes as 4 pieces green straps with fine texture and unique design. It has a length size of 47 – 79 inches (120 – 200cm) and a width of 2 inches (5cm). It is a universal luggage strap that is suitable for 20 – 32-inch suitcases.

In conclusion, traveling can be made easy and hassle-free with the above-selected luggage straps are the best you can find, to guarantee the safety of your luggage when moving around.

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