8 Best Sewing Machines You Can Buy for Home Use

Best Sewing Machines You Can Buy for Home Use

There is no point in arguing that getting a high-quality sewing machine can last for a longer duration of time. Based on the type you opt for it can actually work flawlessly on varieties of fabrics. Taking the context of the majority of American households, the touch for the use of the sewing machine has been long lost.

Be it use to the easy access to cheap clothing or the use of linens. But at the same time, there are still people out there who can make the best of anything.

So, if you are someone looking forward to completing any project or striving to make sewing machines indispensable equipment for your home, this is just the right article for you. Here we have properly curated some of the best sewing machines you can find out there in the market.

1) Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine 

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine, Lightweight, Full Featured, 27 Stitches, 6 Included Feet

For everyone looking forward to getting their hands on a compact and reliable sewing machine, the Brother XM2701 is just the right one for you. Offering 27 different stitch patterns, you can’t go wrong with the model. The automatic needle threader is the added touch you will certainly appreciate. Whether you are using your sewing machine for small projects or running a business, it can provide you with uninterrupted sewing solutions.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with free of cost technical support


  • The automated features might not be reliable at times

2) Brother LX3817 Lightweight Sewing Machine 

Brother Intl LX3817 Lightweight and Full-Size Sewing Machine

Yet another Brother sewing machine within our list. As the name suggests, it is one of the most compact and lightweight sewing machines offered by brother. Neither less to say, whether you are a skilled veteran or someone who just wants to get their hands on sewing, this is the perfect machine for you. It comes with easy instruction manuals along with everything you need to get started.


  • The sewing machine only weighs 13 pounds
  • Comes with in-build LED lights
  • Easy to use


  • Due to its lightweight, heavy sewing like that of jeans might be difficult

3) Singer 4423 Sewing Machine 

SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine, white

This particular model comes under the heavy-duty series offered by Singer. Including all the basic stitches, these are everything that you need to get started with your stitching journey. That being said, one of the most important aspects of the machine is its powerful motor. It has a sewing speed of 100 stitches per second.


  • Very easy to use
  • Efficient to set-up
  • Packs a ton of power into the motors


  • Best suited for complete beginners

4) https://shrsl.com/3rxafSinger 1304 Sewing Machine 

SINGER, 57 Applications-Perfect Made Easy | Start 1304 6 Built-in Stitches, Free Arm Best Sewing Machine for Beginners

The Singer 1304 sewing machine adds a ton of versatility to the table when it comes to the number of stitching choices. To be precise, it comes with 57 stich applications. With Singer 1304, all you need to do is select your stitch pattern and get started with the same.

Weighing over just 7 pounds, it is very easy to store the sewing machine. Neither less to say, you can always expect to get everything within the kit that you need to get started with your creative career.


  • One of the most affordable sewing machines
  • Very compact


  • Well-suited for the most basic applications

5) Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine 

Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine, Strong & Tough, 37 Built-in Stitches, Free Arm Option, 6 Included Feet

For everyone looking forward to getting a sewing machine solely for fashion sewing, the Brother ST371HD is just the right choice for you. The includes free arm makes it easier for everyone to stitch beautifully looking sleeves and cuffs. And the best thing above all, in case anything goes wrong, you can always get in touch with the online technical support from brother. With the 37 in-built stitches, you are never going to run out of ideas.


  • Well suited for both beginners to advanced
  • It comes with a rugged build quality


  • A bit on the costlier side

6) Singer Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine

SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine with 110 Stitch Applications, Metal Frame, Built-In Needle Threader, & Heavy Duty Accessory Kit - Sewing Made Easy

This particular model is by far one of the most popular heavy-duty sewing machines available out there in the market. It can be easily used to stitch hard-to-reach fabrics such as leather or denim. With bigger needle sizes, it can easily penetrate through multiple layers of denim. It offers further flexibility with an adjustable presser foot.


  • The overall build quality ensures durability in itself
  • It comes with 110 stitch patterns


  • It is costlier as compared to some similar models

7) Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine 

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i, 60 Built-in Stitches, 2.0" LCD Display, Wide Table, 9 Included Sewing Feet

If you are looking for versatility, the Brother CS6000i has got you covered. The oversized table attachment is something worth praising for. It enables users to work on large projects such as quilting. With over 60 in-built stitches to choose from, you can always expect flexibility.

The LCD screen makes it very convenient to actually interact with the sewing machine. Lastly, it is by far one of the best-computerized sewing machines that is available out there in the market.


  • It comes with 25 years of the limited warranty
  • The LCD screen helps in better interaction


  • It comes with a bit of a learning curve

8) Singer 7258 Stitching Machine

SINGER 7258 100-Stitch Computerized 76 Decorative Stitches, Automatic Needle Threader and Bonus Accessories, Packed with Features and Easy Sewing Machine

Probably one of the best sewing machines that can keep pace with your improving abilities. It is one of the smart choices you can make when it comes to computerized sewing machines. The small backlit LCD helps you to choose over 100 different stitches. As a cherry on top, Singer offers 25 years of limited warranty.


  • It comes with adjustable needle options
  • 100 stitches to choose from


  • For a computerized machine, the price is higher

Concluding Words

As you have seen throughout the article, the majority of the market for sewing machines is dominated by Singer and Brother. If you are still in a dilemma about which one to buy and whatnot, grabbing anyone from the lot will do just fine. As long as it properly resonates with your preference, you are good to go.

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