Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer Review

Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer

Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer Review

The Brady BMP21-PLUS portable label printer is a unique label printer because the brand here has also done a lot for the toughness of the device. The device is ideal for the job where the toughness of the device is a mandate.

The BMP21-PLUS label printer will help you in every situation, whether you are in a server room for servicing the breaker box or if you are organizing your workplace, the device will make sure that it does your job in a quick time.

To get started with the device you just need to insert a label cartridge inside the device and start typing and printing; it is possible just because of the smart auto-formatting technology.

It can easily last up to 8-10 years in outdoor conditions which has been guaranteed by the brand. The removable parts of the device have been joined with an aggressive adhesive keeping in mind the regular and the irregular surfaces. The device is also resistant to powerful chemical substances.

A technology called drop lock and print is also there on the device.

Brady BMP21-PLUS-KIT1 Printer Kit

Features of the device

  • The BMP21-PLUS handheld label printer is a combination of tough outside and smart inside. It is capable of printing labels for wires and cables, patch panels, terminal blocks, and many things more.
  • It is the perfect tool for the identification of industrial tools. There are more than 70 durable parts available with the device. There are also more than 100 inbuilt
  • The battery inside the device is a Li-Ion battery which is capable of giving long life. It has also passed the shock and vibration test.
  • The device is perfect for cable flagging, faceplate paneling, and hardware labeling too. It is also great for storeroom labeling and shelf labeling.
  • You can also create customized wire wraps with it. Heat shrink sleeves, wire harness ID, and terminal block shelves can also be labeled in a matter of seconds.
  • The device also has a great capability in labeling instructions, visual equipment identification, and warning labels. The BMP21-PLUS device has an ultimate rugged built and tools which meet international standards.
  • It completely fits in your palm and is capable of producing continuous labels which are ¾ inches wide.

You have the option of choosing 70 label parts which are extremely durable materials that include self-laminating wire markers, heat shrink wire sleeves, and nylon cloth wire and panel labels. When there is a question of durability, the BMP21-PLUS is made out of heavy-duty molded rubber impact bumpers, and there is also an optional hard carry case that is drop tested and meets the international durability standards.

There are also some industry-specific features that had been included in the device such as a powerful backlit display so that it can be used in the areas which are low in light. Some unique features are also there such as the label grabber so that when the device auto cut the label strip, it does not fall on the ground; the grabber holds the label in the mouth till you pull it out with your hand.

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