Brother P-touch PTD600VP Review

Brother P-touch PTD600VP PC-Connectable Label Maker with Case Review

The P-touch PT-D600VP device is ideal for the businessmen who want a label maker which is quick and easy to use and completely portable so that they can use it with ease on the go. The device is capable of giving out professional level labeling, and the labels are very durable and are completely resistant to water or any other liquids. The P-touch PT-D600VP is a very compact device which comes with full PC connectivity options.

Features of Brother P-touch PTD600VP PC Connectable Label Maker

Brother P-touch, PTD600VP, PC-Connectable Label Maker with Full Color Graphical Display, Case, Split-Back Tapes, 14 Fonts, High-Resolution, Black

  • It has a large color backlit display and Full Island type QWERTY keyboard which makes it easier to type or edit the labels and preview the complete label on the large display before printing it out. It has the capability to create professional labels to use it in office.
  • The PT-D600VP comes bundled with a USB cable in the box which allows the device to get connected to a Windows or a Mac computer.
  • A free P-touch Editor Label Design software is also provided so that the computer can detect the PT-D600VP device which you connect the device to the computer.

Some basic functions

  • The device PT-D600VP comes with an ergonomically designed keyboard which has large keys, and the keys are angled towards the typist so that the typist find it convenient while typing long sentences; it does not tire your If you are into a large-scale labeling job, the fast print speed and the auto label cutter makes it ideal for the purpose.
  • The package also has a carrying case and an AC adaptor for the device. The PT-D600VP is the pioneer device which has a full-color graphic display.
  • The backlit display which is provided on the device runs on the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) technology, which automatically detects the color of the tape and the display also updates in real-time as you type or format the device.
  • The P-touch Editor Label Design software allows you to connect the device to the computer so that you can choose from or install into it a long-range of colorful labels. You can choose from the wide range of collection of labels and also customize the labels using the fonts, graphics, and symbols which are stored on your computer.
  • When you connect the PT-D600VP device to a computer, the PT-D600VP is able to print high-resolution logos and barcodes for professional use.

You can personalize labels which can go up to 24mm in breadth with the use of the available 14 fonts, 11 text styles, and 99 frames and 600 symbols. And the PT-D600V Pdevice also has a large internal memory which allows you to store up 99 of favorite labels in the memory so that you can reuse or reprint again and again in the future with just a few presses of the keys.

The powering options of the PT-D600VP device let you use the device anywhere and at any time. The PT-D600VP runs on 6 AA batteries, or you can charge it with the AC adaptor provided in the box so that you can use it on your desk as well as when you are on the go.

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