DYMO Label Manager 160 Review

DYMO Label Manager 160 Review

Dymo makes products for office, school, warehouse, worksite and for home. Dymo came into our lives just to simplify it. It covers from simple embossers, desktop products, manual label makers to industrial portables, online service, computer-connected products, and best Softwares.

Dymo established in the year 1958 as an embossing company in a company which became the global market. Today Dymo offers a wide range of products from label markers, contact management software to business card scanning solutions and online postage.

The DYMO LabelManager 160 prints is capable of printing labels which are durable and water-resistant which makes it easy to manage files, charts, and tools.

Features of DYMO Label Manager 160 handheld label makers

DYMO Label Manager 160

Listed below are the unique features that DYMO label manager has.

  • The device has a QWERTY typing input feature which makes it easy to type and edit.
  • There is also a feature of one-touch fast formatting which gives a perfect professional level labeling every time. It can create labels which have a variety of six different fonts, eight different text styles and more than two symbols and clip arts.
  • The computer-style QWERTY keyboard input makes all sorts of typing and editing very easy.
  • There is also a display on the device which shows the exact preview of the label which is going to print out.
  • There is also a feature which helps you to avoid repetitive tasks or to retype or reprinting the same label over and over again.
  • The automatic shut-off feature helps to save the drain of power.

Pros of DYMO Label manager 160 handheld label maker

  • It runs on six AAA batteries and can also charge with AC adaptor which is not bundled with the box.
  • The device is fast and user-friendly.
  • It can be carried very easily. It is very compact and is very lightweight which enables it to be carried around.
  • Provided the level of customizations it can create on the labels; it also prints out high-quality
  • For the extension of its battery low, the auto power-off feature switches it off when not in use for a long period of time.
  • The brand bundles the device with a one-year warranty service card.

The troubleshooting steps are also well explained on the package. It asks to replace the old and used batteries with only new alkaline batteries. They have also mentioned on the box that rechargeable batteries cannot be used because the rechargeable batteries are incapable of heating the printing head of the device.

They have also mentioned that the device may require a complete factory reset at times. The process includes, you need to remove the two batteries or the battery pack from the electronic label maker. The second step is you need to keep on pressing the power button for not less twenty times at a stretch to reset the device to its factory settings.

And then you need to replace the batteries and start up the device to continue labeling your products again. The DYMO label manager 160 handheld label maker is one of the best label makers that one can purchase.

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