MoldCheck Mold Test Kit Review

This 10 tests kit allows you to carry out mold tests on multiple areas in your home and it tests for various types of mold. It will help you confirm if you have mold in your home as it is a mold testing and detection kit that works. Where ever the mold might be, be it home or office, you sure will fish it out with this MoldCheck Mold Test Kit.

Product Features

The MoldCheck mold test kit is more of a search kit, you use it to identify places where mold is but, it does not detect what type of mold it is. You get a mold investigation guide that instructs you on how to check for mold so your test will be more efficient.

DIY MoldCheck Mold Test Kit (10 Tests per Kit) Multiple air Sampling Tests, Simple Visual Comparison, Locate Mold Source, Easy to use, no lab fee

Also included in the kit when you purchase is a mold clean-up guide, once you detect where you have mold, follow the clean-up guide to getting rid of them. After testing, you can easily detect where there is a mold with the visual differences on the tests. The tests are well clear so detecting the differences in them will be quite easy.

You do not send any tests to the lab, everything is done by you, all you just need to do is to search. However, if you want to identify the particular type of mold you have, you can send your tests to any lab of your choice.

MoldCheck Mold Test Kit Review


  • 10 test kit
  • Easy to use
  • Tests for different mold types
  • Comes with the investigation and clean up guide


  • Does not identify mold type


The main function of the MoldCheck Mold Test Kit is to confirm if you have mold or not and also show you where there is the most concentration. It is an ideal kit to use before seeking professional help to aid you in eliminating the mold. Using it is easy as the included guides walk you through the whole process.

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