Everything You Need To Know About Gun Safety At Home

Everything You Need To Know About Gun Safety At Home

You own a gun. Perhaps you inherited it from a relative who owned it before them, bought one for hunting or for self-defense, or received one as a gift. No matter your motive in owning a firearm, it’s important to know how best to store guns at home and keep everyone safe. Accidents involving guns are not uncommon and we want to share with you what steps to take when storing guns at home that will ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Accidents involving guns are not uncommon and it’s important that you know what steps to take when storing guns at home to ensure you keep everyone safe. The best kind of gun storage is always for the firearm to be unloaded and locked away in a safe. Ideally, the key should be in the hands of someone with minimal experience with guns and who does not regularly use them. Children and teenagers should not have access to guns, as without the proper training, and a lack of experience, there is every chance that something could go wrong.

It is crucial to consider safety when it comes to the ownership, possession, and use of guns. Gun accidents can happen in just a fraction of a second, resulting in tragic injuries or even fatalities. Proper handling of guns can protect people from often-tragic outcomes and you can learn safe gun handling, and incorporate it into your shooting procedures to keep everyone safe. Firearms safety is crucial and it must be adhered to without exception. Different guns such as pistols have distinct safety requirements compared to guns such as rifles and these must be taken into account.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to remember when it comes to gun safety at home.

There are several things you can do to keep your firearms safe and away from the hands of those who should not be using them:

Gun storage cabinet

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A gun storage cabinet is a great place to lock your firearm away so only you have access to it. Gun cabinets come in different sizes and can hold everything from handguns to shotguns and rifles. Gun safes attached under beds or on walls are another option for locking up firearms safely at home. Ensure that all safety features like biometric locks function properly, as well as the actual locking mechanism. If someone were to break into your house, would they be able to easily gain access to your firearm? Be sure that you know how the mechanism works before anything ever happens. Gun locks will keep firearms unloaded and safer, like the GunVault SV 500 SpeedVault Hand Gun Safe.

Gun lock

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Gun locks are made to make sure your gun can’t be fired without first disabling the lock. These should always come with your firearm when you purchase it or if you inherit one. If you ever sell a gun, it should always come with its corresponding gun lock so no one else can use it improperly. Gun locks are an inexpensive way to ensure that everyone is safe at home while storing guns.


Be sure all of those who live in your house knows how to properly use a firearm for hunting or home defense, as well as how to store them safely. Make certain that safety is always a priority when it comes to storing guns at home.

It’s important that you educate yourself on gun safety so accidents won’t happen in the future. Gun locks, gun cabinets, and proper training are all good ways of doing this while also keeping your family safe from harm. It is also important that you know how to properly clean and maintain your firearm as well. Be sure that everyone knows what they’re doing before ever touching a weapon whether for hunting or self-defense purposes or simply if you own one for decoration purposes only. Keeping your family and loved ones strong and educated about firearms while also ensuring their safety should be something any gun owner prioritizes while storing guns at home.

Practice Makes Perfect

When you own a gun, you should practice gun safety every time you handle it, including when you store it, clean it, or put it in a case to take to a shooting range, when you transport it to the shooting range, and when you shoot at the range. Several models have specialised safety features you will need to understand. It is equally important to know and use the safety features of the gun you own as it is to follow general safety practices. Becoming familiar with touching, picking up, putting down, shooting, cleaning, storing, or transporting your gun will help to make gun safety second nature.

Safe Shooting Direction

You can always find a safe shooting direction simply based on where you are positioned and where the people around you are located. Never assume that people are in the places they would normally be and always double-check where everyone is before you think about lining up your shot. Make sure you follow gun handling best practices when handling a firearm. This is critical to your safety, as in the event of an accidental discharge, a gun pointed in a safe direction is much less likely to cause harm to others

Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger

You should always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. When you pick up a gun, don’t put your finger on the trigger or even into the trigger guard. Instead, make sure your finger stays on the gun’s frame. When you are handling the gun at home be sure to avoid putting your finger near the trigger as if the gun is loaded without your knowledge, it could accidentally fire.

Share The Knowledge And Remain Gun-Safe At Home

If you have a firearm in your home, it’s important that everyone in your household is informed when it comes to gun safety. There are many hunter safety, gun and shooting books and pamphlets that outline many other rules for safe gun handling and all of these rules should be observed. Gun safety saves lives and prevents accidental shootings, so be sure to read and follow the most up-to-date regulations, advice and best practices to keep your home and your family safe moving forward.

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