Instant Home Mold Test by A-1 Basements Review

Instant Home Mold Test by A-1 Basements Review

Mold is very toxic; it can cause very serious infections and health difficulties. Unfortunately, mold tends to grow a lot in several areas in people’s homes and other places as well.

For this, the Instant Home Mold Test was formulated by A-1 Basements to help you figure out what type of mold you have and eventually get rid of it. Let’s look at the features of these products.

Product Description and Features

What you get when you purchase the A-1 Basements Instant Home Mold Test is 2 mold testing sticks. With these sticks, you can test for mold anywhere you suspect be it home or office. It is easy to use and you get results in about a minute.

There is an included guide with instructions for you to follow so you can conduct the test with ease. Also available is an online video on how to carry out the test just in case the included instructions are not clear enough.

The test is carried out by simply rubbing the area where you suspect mold is with the stick and putting it in the liquid inside, the color it turns determines the result according to the included guide. If it shows that there is mold, you would need to send the samples to the manufacturers so it will be tested in a laboratory.

Lab test costs about $50 for each test which is a bit on the high side. You can still opt to invite a professional to handle it.

Instant Home Mold Test by A-1 Basements Review


  • Includes 2 sticks
  • Included guide
  • Online video tutorial
  • Easy to use


  • A lab test is high
  • Does not detect mold in the air


A lot of customers who used the Instant Home Mold Test by A-1 Basements attest to it working and also providing reliable results. The kit is easy to use, you won’t have any difficulty with that but, if you really want to get better results, you would need to send it to the lab and the cost is on the high side.

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