Mophorn Vinyl Cutter Review

Mophorn Vinyl Cutter

Vinyl cutters are gradually gaining popularity across the world. They have been utilized for different tasks like banner printing for a long time.

Vinyl cutters are not cheap tools. That’s why if you buy a unit that does not meet your needs, you will indeed feel frustrated. These days, there are lots of best vinyl cutters where you can choose from and one of which is Mophorn 14-inch vinyl cutter.

This unit is made for experienced users and beginners alike. So, this is for you, whether it’s your first time or you have been using a vinyl cutter for quite some time. If you want to know more about this vinyl cutter, then keep reading.

Key Features

  • Great cutting speed
  • Flexible for all kinds of users
  • Can cut a lot of materials
  • Backlight LCD display
  • Adjustable force and speed
  • Precise settings

Easy to set up and use

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Setting up this vinyl cutter out of the box is pretty simple. It comes with an instruction booklet that is easy to follow and straightforward.

The Mophorn vinyl cutter spots a user-friendly design. It also has a bright LED screen and big control panel buttons, which make navigation easier. The panel features touch-button controls for force and speed.


The Mophorn 14-inch vinyl cutter comes with SIGNMASTER software. The good thing about this software is that it allows the user to design, produce, and edit existing projects such as pinstriping, vinyl lettering, and logos. It possesses everything a small business or hobbyist could need.

Cutting Speed and Quality

This vinyl cutter has a cutting speed of 10mm to 800mm per second and a cutting force of 10-500g. Take note that both the cutting speed and force can be adjusted.

Moreover, it has a maximum cutting width of 11.2-inch or 285mm and a top paper feed of 13.8-inch or 350mm. When it comes to cutting quality, this one can offer accurate cuts as well.


This is compatible with Pentium processor-based PCs or Windows computers like Vista, XP, 7, 9, 10, 32, and 64. Unfortunately, it isn’t compatible with the Mac system.


Unlike other vinyl cutters, this one can cut many different materials, including inkjet photo paper, scrapbooking paper, postcards, drawing paper, Kent paper (laser or inkjet), soft film, and soft/PVC polyester.

Further, it is suitable for any type of user.


  • Easy-to-follow and clear instructions
  • Suitable for small businesses and hobbyists
  • Adjustable cutting speed and force
  • User-friendly design
  • Capable of cutting several materials


  • Average quality
  • The software does not support Mac
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • It is quite expensive


All in all, the Mophorn 14-inch vinyl cutter is a great tool. Though it is pretty expensive, it is still a good investment considering the features it holds. However, if you’re using a MAC system this is not a great option as it doesn’t support such a system.

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