Professional Mold Do It Yourself Test Kit by EIT Review

Professional Mold Do It Yourself Test Kit by EIT Review

First Alert MT1 Mold Detection Kit Kits to test mold are sought after because no one wants to have mold in their home. Knowing how dangerous mold can be as regards to health, it is always important to get rid of it if you observe any symptoms. If you need a mold test kit to test for mold in your home or office, you can consider getting the Professional Mold Do It Yourself Test Kit by EIT. But first, you should read this review.

Product Description and Features

The EIT Professional Mold DIY Test kit is a AIHA certified product and it meets EPA-approved methods. All the materials you would need to collect samples are included in the kit when you purchase it.

Using this DIY mold test kit is quite easy and there are included instructions to aid you. Once you are done with collecting the samples, you will send them to the manufacturers for testing. The samples will be placed in the package it came with upon purchase.

There is no extra fee to be paid for lab analysis as the fee is included in the purchase price. When your samples are analyzed, you’ll get a report from the manufacturers with information about the results.

The time it takes for the report to be sent differs, you can request for a date you will prefer.

This kit comes with one of everything, so it can be used just once. It does not test for air, it is ideal for testing surfaces and other areas where there is visible mold growth.

Professional Mold Do It Yourself Test Kit by EIT Review


  • Easy to use
  • AHIA certified
  • Meets EPA-approved methods
  • For testing surfaces with visible mold growth
  • No extra fees


  • Does not test the air


Whereas this product is not so popular, it is worth buying if you want to test an area for mold. The lab test provides you with a reliable report which you can follow up.

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