Silhouette America Portrait 2 Vinyl Cutting Machine Review

Are you looking for a vinyl cutter that is loaded with useful features that allows you to make your cutting activities easier? If yes, then you will never go wrong with the Silhouette America Portrait 2. Keep on reading to find out what this vinyl cutter has to offer.

Bluetooth Compatibility

The Silhouette America Portrait 2 embraces modern technology, in fact, this makes it one of the simplest cutting machines.

Nevertheless, since it is compatible with Bluetooth, you can easily connect it with your computer for a clear and easier design. What’s more, this amazing feature will allow you to make your own designs and cut them out right away.

Auto blade design

Silhouette America Portrait 2 Vinyl Cutting Machine

This unit sports an auto blade design. Meaning to say, it will offer itself a mark automatically if you really need to change the settings.

Furthermore, this feature is so beneficial because it will allow you to continue with your project without the need for checking little details of each depth.

On the other hand, the auto blade helps you to save time and avoid long cuts on the materials.


The Silhouette America Portrait 2 comes with Studio Designer software. One of the best things about this software is that it does not need an internet connection in order to function. What’s more, it is very easy to use and highly flexible.

If you’re looking forward to building your picture designs from scratch, this software will help you in delivering great results.

The software’s basic tier is free but, if you want to use more advanced features like a knife and advanced eraser features, SVG files, and layers, then you need to choose between Designer Edition and Business edition. Take note, these tiers are not free of charge.

Cutting Ability

The Silhouette America Portrait 2 can cut materials up to 2mm thick. Further, regardless of the fact that it has a small cutting width this cutter is capable of cutting materials up to 10ft long. Actually, this feature makes it ideal for making wall decals and vinyl signs. Additionally, this unit cuts with 210g force

Ease of use

This vinyl cutting machine comes with 24 colors of pens which fit in the machine. Actually, the different sizes of the pen make the machine work with anything.

Moreover, it has a number of new technologies which make it much easier to use compared to others.


  • Small but powerful
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Easy to use and decent software
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Cuts long materials
  • Draw, print, and cut abilities


  • Restricted cutting force
  • Limited cutting width
  • You need to pay in order to use the advanced features of the software
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The Silhouette America Portrait 2 is a simple cutting machine that is loaded with useful and great features that will make surely make your cutting experience easier and exciting. Also, it is a good machine for the money. Currently, it is priced at $138.70 on Amazon.

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