Spring is Coming, and So Are The Bugs!

Spring is Coming, and So Are The Bugs!

The beginning of spring is the most enchanting time of the year. Days become longer while a warm breeze fills the air with lovely scents. Awakening nature brings new energy and optimism to all of its children and inspires us to welcome this new cycle with joy and vitality.

What’s not to love about spring? Oh, our little crawling frenemies. Although we, humans, wholeheartedly exterminate these creatures, a moment of showing gratitude for their existence on this planet would be nice. Insects pollinate up to 90% of the food that we consume, so ironically, our survival heavily depends on bugs. Thanks, bugs. Now, let us see what can we do to prevent their invasion of our homes.

Start with the basement

Even if the basement doesn’t seem like a good place to start the spring cleaning, keep in mind that basements provide the best shelters for insects, spiders, and rodents. These creatures love clutter, while the typical basement is dark and messy. It is a perfect place to hide and sleep through cold days. Take time to clear out space and get rid of the things that you do not need. Reorganize stuff and pack things in plastic bags instead of cardboard boxes. Examine the floors and walls to make sure there are no cracks or any signs of damage. If there are, seal the cracks, otherwise you can expect an army of uninvited guests.

Clean the kitchen

The kitchen attracts different kinds of insects since there are food and water. Ants are easy to spot since they don’t care much about discretion. However, kitchen cabinets and drawers can accommodate Indian meal moths and larvae without you knowing anything about it. To make the kitchen pest-free, empty drawers, and cabinets and throw away any ingredients that are stale. Keep spices and flour in containers that you can close properly, and thoroughly clean all the surfaces.  If possible, move kitchen elements and appliances to vacuum behind them.

To the Bathroom

An ideal place for any decent cockroach is the steamy and moist bathroom. Moisture is what attracts them, so before cleaning, check the areas around the bathtub and sink to make sure there is no leak. Specialists from Pest Works suggest checking the tiles on the floor to see if there are any damages since cracked tiles are perfect hiding spots for cockroaches and silverfish. While still in the bathroom, clean the medicine cabinet, just in case.

You may step outside

After you clean the inside of the house from bottom to top, it is time to get out and inspect the outside. Check for signs of damage to the façade, doors, and windows. Look for loose mortar in the foundation. Also, make sure to check the roof and see if there are any missing or damaged roof tiles. Since already up there, clean downspouts and gutters to prevent clogging and unnecessary moist. See if there is a need for trimming tree branches in your backyard and removing rotting tree logs.


Although you prepare to fight bugs in the spring, consider taking measures that may prevent insects like stink bugs or Asian beetles from invading your home in the first place. Since they look for shelter for the cold winter days, take some time during the fall to seal the cracks in foundations, walls, and windows. A small effort in the fall will result in less vacuuming in the spring. Also, keep clutter and moist away from your home year-round. In the end, there are always professionals you can hire that will make your uninvited guests disappear, at least until next spring.

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