Yescom 34-inch Vinyl Cutter Sign Plotter Review

Yescom 34-inch Vinyl Cutter Sign Plotter Review

Purchasing a vinyl cutter can be a fairly overwhelming experience, simply because there are lots of options to choose from.

However, when looking for a cutter always keep in mind that the best unit is the one that is sharp enough to cut any thickness of the vinyl. Also, one that works effectively, efficiently, and if possible quietly.

To help you with your acquisition, in this content we reviewed one of the best vinyl cutters that you can today. And the unit that we are talking about is the Yescom 34-inch vinyl cutter.

This vinyl cutter is so beneficial. Continue reading to find out more about Yescom 34-inch vinyl cutter.

Yescom 34-inch Vinyl Cutter Sign Plotter: Features

34" Vinyl Cutter Sign Plotter Cutting w/Signmaster Cut Basic Software 3 Blades

What’s included in the Package?

  • Three blades
  • Stand
  • Pen Holder
  • Blade Holder
  • USB cable
  • Power cord
  • Signmaster Software
  • User manual
  • Cutting plotter


This vinyl cutter comes with a SignMaster Basic software that is very easy to use. Further, it lets you cut a professional customized sign and design using your cutting machine providing you the capability to import custom artworks, utilize your fonts, as well as draw shapes on your own.

Cutting Speed and Quality

The Yescom 34-inch vinyl cutter has a cutting speed of 32-inch per and 500 grams of force. Both the cutting force and speed can be adjusted for more efficient cutting process. Furthermore, they can be programmed into the memory of the machine.

It has a maximum cutting width of 870mm (34 ¼”) and cutting feed width of 780mm (10 11/16-inch).

When it comes to the quality of cutting, the Yescom 34-inch will guarantee you accurate cuts, as there’s a holder for the blade to offer you more precision and accuracy.


This unit is compatible with Windows XP, 10, 8, 7, and Vista as well as Pentium processor-based computers. However, it doesn’t support MAC system.

Ease of use

Much like other vinyl cutters, this one is pretty to use as well. It has a bright LCD display that allows you to handle the working process with ease. What; more, this feature helps for increased accuracy and better navigation.

Nevertheless, it has an emergency start/stop feature that allows you to restart or stop cutting with ease.

Other Features

The Yescom vinyl cutter comes equipped with an inertial rotating blade holder that allows high-quality and more accurate cutting. It is also compatible with Roland and standard blade as well as powered using a stepper motor.

Additionally, it has 3pinch rollers that can be adjusted on the guide rail depending on the width of the paper.


  • Roland compatible blade holder
  • Comes with Signmaster Basic software and a stand
  • Great for cutting large vinyl
  • It has an emergency start/stop feature
  • Easy to use


  • The software is somewhat picky
  • Not suitable for MAC systems

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The Yescom 34-inch vinyl cutter is a superb unit that works great for fashion design, car beauty industry, and advertising industry.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a vinyl cutter that lets you cut customized and professional designs and easy to use, then this is for you.

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