Ikris hose nozzle and hose reel

Hey everyone, This is Jon from the ikris design team!  We’re happy to be here to share this guest post, in which we hope to introduce our brand and new products.  Gardening is soothing activity, but it’s no easy task!  Yet, there’s nothing more fulfilling than tending to a full garden.  There’s a plethora of gardening tools […]

How To Make Lawn Mowing Lines and Patterns

How to Make Lawn Mowing Lines – How to make lawn mowing lines might go unnoticed by most people, but many lawns benefit from straight lines. Maintaining the lines is easy with the correct tools. Mow in straight lines just as you would if you were using a lawn mower blade for usual cutting of […]

Gardening in Missouri: Soil, Climate and Planting Guide

With an extended growing season and a nourishing environment, Missouri is a place where green thumbs can get down and dirty. However, in order to assure success having knowledge of Missouri soil, specific planting conditions and climate conditions is extremely important. Soil Conditions Most backyards in Missouri would provide an excellent place for plants to […]

Decorate your Garden with River Rock Landscaping

River Rock Landscaping will bring back stones in your garden River rocks are smooth stones which are found in a plethora of sizes, shapes and colors. The smoothness and varied appearances of the stones are due to the water current that passes over such stones over a long period of time. The river rocks come […]

Infographic: Plants for the best sleep you will ever have

Gardening is a great way to get outside, be more active and improve your quality of life. In fact, gardening has been proven to have a number of health benefits, for both our physical and mental health. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to take advantage of outdoor gardening. For some, limited mobility or lack of […]

Vegetable Gardening in Massachusetts: Four Good Choices to Start With

Gardening in Massachusetts Getting started with vegetable gardening in Massachusetts will mean finding the garden plot, amending the soil, testing to see the pH value of the soil, and picking vegetables that will live in USDA zones of 4 through 7. Having the luxury of walking outside to get the freshest organic vegetables for the […]

The best hose splitters 2023

Best hose splitters a.k.a manifolds It does not matter if it’s winter, summer or late spring, hose splitters are must have tool for every house owner. In summer there will be dry soil, dirty cars, empty pool and there is no way you can manage that to do that with only one hose. Oh, yes, […]

How to Plan a Narrow Garden Border

Narrow garden borders require just as much careful planning as larger garden beds and landscaping accents. Ideal locations in your yard include strips along walkways, in front of fences or walls and around hardscaping items like benches, ponds and statuary. Lay down a piece of rope or old garden hose in the shape of the […]

How to Plant a Fragrance Garden to Last All Season

The beauty of any garden is something to behold, but why stop at just one of your senses? Fragrance is a wonderful addition to any garden, and you can plant a fragrance garden to completely indulge yourself. This article will provide you with details on how to plant a fragrance garden that will last all […]

Save Money with the Right Garden Tools

Garden tools are essential to good gardening. Deciding which ones to purchase may seem overwhelming at first. With a little research, you can make an educated decision as to which tools are right for you. Being a gardener over the past 32 years, I have found that these are the minimum tools one would need […]

Greenhouse Gardening: A Popular Family Pastime

Greenhouse gardening has become a popular family pastime. Whether the need is a small family project or a larger space for a professional nursery or florist, the backyard greenhouse is here to stay. Greenhouse kits, made for large or small greenhouses, are created to provide the best environment available for plant life. This can be […]

8 Tried & Tested Gardening Tips for Beginners

If you have recently discovered your interest in gardening, then you need to learn a lot about how to take care of those precious plants in your garden. You need to gain a significant amount of knowledge about gardening to nurture your newfound interest effectively. People who love the idea of having a beautiful garden […]

InfoGraphic – Taking Advantage of your Outdoor Space

Whether you own your own home, or you’re currently renting, it’s very likely that you have a garden; considering 87% of UK households have one, you’d be unlucky not to. Thinking about your outdoor space; do you keep your lawn trimmed? Is your garden tidy? Do you even use your garden? It’s been found that […]

How to Grow Magnolia Stellata or Star Magnolia Trees and Shrubs

Magnolia stellata is a deciduous bush or small tree which was first grown in Japan and was originally introduced to Europe in the late 18thCentury. It takes its common name – Star Magnolia – from its white, slightly fragrant, star shaped flowers, 3-4 inches across, which appear in early to mid spring. Slow growing, rarely […]

Different Ways to Find Small Tractors on Sale

Small tractors are also known as compact tractors and they are the smaller version of the utility tractors. They are small and are specifically designed for digging, landscaping, removal of snow and other property maintenance works. Although they are compact in size, yet they can be utilized for different purpose and thus in high demand. […]

How to Identify Garden Insects

Stay on Full Alert for the Pests of Summer Picture the gardener who can’t go out to work in the garden any time he wants This gardener has to wait until the mosquitoes, deer flies, wasps and other biters are inactive. Mostly, he has to garden in the heat of the day when the mosquitoes […]