InfoGraphic – Taking Advantage of your Outdoor Space

Whether you own your own home, or you’re currently renting, it’s very likely that you have a garden; considering 87% of UK households have one, you’d be unlucky not to. Thinking about your outdoor space; do you keep your lawn trimmed? Is your garden tidy? Do you even use your garden?

It’s been found that 67% of Brits enjoy being able to look after their garden via gardening, with 60% preferring to have a relaxing feel to their open space and 18% allowing their garden to become a pet area. It was also found that 41% of UK households actually conduct patio upgrades at least once in their whole lifetime; but, that’s just how everyone else uses their outdoor space, what about you? Perhaps you’ve never really thought about it; but who wouldn’t love to be able to sit outside regardless of weather and enjoy a nice cup of tea, or the ability to throw a rockin’ pool party in the summer?

Perhaps it’s time you upgraded your outdoor space, and this simple graphic from PatioAwnings4Less might be just the inspiration you need to start making use of your garden!

InfoGraphic - Taking Advantage of your Outdoor Space
InfoGraphic – Taking Advantage of your Outdoor Space
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