Add a Garden Fountain to Your Home Landscape

Gardens are a lovely focal point in the landscape. Colorful flowers and rich foliage add color and interest to the yard. Add a graceful touch to the home garden with an artistic water fountain. Fountains enhance the garden by adding an attractive shape along with the soothing sounds of running water. Water fountains attract fluttering birds and butterflies An attractive water feature adds serenity to the garden.

Placing the Fountain

Before selecting a fountain, decide where it will be placed. Keep in mind that t the fountain will need a water supply and electricity. Choose a location where electricity can be run without causing a trip hazard. The electrical cord should be buried underground or run under stone pavers so it sill not cause a tripping hazard.

Decide where the fountain would fit best. If you have a good eye for proportion and design, you can probably visualize what size fountain would best fit in the designated space.

Even if you have great visualization skills, it is a good idea to consult an expert. A garden specialist may come out to your yard and make a recommendation and help with design. If no one is coming out to consult about the garden design, take snapshots of the area of interest and the surrounding area. The garden experts in qualified garden landscape centers are usually more than happy to advise people about proportion and placement.

Select a Fountain

Garden centers and statuary stores offer a variety of fountains, in different sizes and shapes. Spend time looking at the fountains in the store and decided what you find visually appealing to fit into your landscape. Spend some time browsing and you will probably find a fountain that you love.

Water fountains run the gamut from large and elaborate to smaller units that are self contained. A large fountain is a substantial investment. If you want to add a large feature, a professional garden design firm should be consulted.

Self contained fountains can be purchased in garden stores and statuary stores. A small self contained fountain can be installed as a do-it-yourself project. Fountains can be found for under $100, but the average price for a self contained fountain will probably run between $200 and $600. More elaborate fountains are priced upwards from there.

Prices vary, depending on the materials used, size of the fountain, how many tiers the fountain has and how elaborate the design is. A simple fountain may have a spigot and a bowl with water that recirculates. More complicated fountains have tiers, with water streaming down from smaller bowls into larger bowls beneath them.

Traditionally, fountains have been made of heavy cement. There are newer fountains made of a lightweight resin that appears very similar to the stone fountains. The choice of material is a matter of preference. They are both good.

Add a Garden Fountain to Your Home Landscape
Add a Garden Fountain to Your Home Landscape

Purchase the Fountain and Take it Home

A self contained fountain may have all the parts needed or you may need to purchase parts separately. Verify with the salesperson that you have all of the necessary parts before taking the fountain home.

The fountain will need a pump and filter. The pump should be strong enough to propel the water up the nozzle. The filter cleans the water before it circulates back through the pump. Hoses should be the right size to fit the pump and filter.

The fountain may be heavy, unless is is made of the newer lightweight materials. The statuary will probably give you delivery information. Whether you decide on delivery or transport the fountain home yourself is your decision.

Install the Fountain Using Manufacturers Instructions

Set the fountain on an even surface, or into a bed of pea gravel to anchor it. Ask the statuary for advice about the best way the install the fountain so it stays in place. Connect the water pump and filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Fill the bowl with water. Plug in the pump to the electrical supply and the water should start running .

Enjoy the Fountain for Many Seasons

The garden water fountain is attractive garden feature that will give you pleasure for many seasons.

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