AGPTEK Cassette to MP3 Converter Review

AGPTEK Cassette to MP3 Converter Review

Need to convert your old cassette tapes to mp3? You can make use of a cassette to mp3 converter device, one of such devices is the AGPTEK Cassette to MP3 Converter. It is among the top-rated devices in that category and this review will be looking at how functional it is.

Product Description and Features

The AGPTEK Cassette to mp3 converter is a small device that comes in black and white colors. You can easily power it on using batteries or plugging it directly into the USB, whichever way, it does not consume much power. Using the device is easy and a user manual that explains all about the device is included to aid you to get the best out of it.

USB Cassette-to-MP3 Converter Capture, Actpe Audio Super USB Portable Cassette/Tape to PC MP3 Switcher Converter with Headphone

This device comes with a software CD that is to be installed in your PC if you don’t have a CD ROM, a digital copy will be sent to you once you contact the manufacturers. The software is compatible with all Windows devices and MAC.

Once installed, all you have to do is to connect the cassette converter with your PC and run the software to record your mp3 file.

The AGPTEK Cassette to mp3 converter is a compact-sized device that makes it very portable and easy to carry around anywhere. It can work just like a regular cassette player too, it has a port where you can connect a headphone, earphone (it comes with one), stereo or other speaker systems.

How much does the AGPTEK Cassette to MP3 Converter cost?

The AGPTEK Cassette to MP3 Converter is sold at a price of less than twenty bucks., it is a useful device you won’t spend much on.


This device is a good one if you need to convert your cassette tapes to mp3 files. It does the job up to a satisfactory level and is very easy to use. Finally, it is affordable.

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