10 Best Easels for Your Paintings & Buying Guide

Most painting artists are making their masterpiece in a studio or outdoors every so often. Aside from the art materials used, a good quality easel is much needed too. An easel is a tool that holds the canvases in place while you’re making an artwork.

A small table isn’t enough to keep all the necessary equipment and so having a canvas stand, or easel could be the best solution.

However, finding the right easel is so crucial. It comes with different looks and styles up to the task to be done. We’ll help you out through the provided buying guide and best product reviews below.

10 Best Easels listed

The following product reviews are carefully selected. Each easel is clearly discussed containing the features and the pros and cons. Hope you pick one of these in the end.

1. Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel

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Key features:

  • Water-based paint construction;
  • Double-sided easel for kids;
  • Adjustment mechanism;
  • Non-toxic finish.

Hape products meet all applicable safety standards to offer the best products for the customers. This best art easel for kids is out of wooden materials that come from FSC managed forests. It is suitable for all ages, from young to adult artists because of its three levels of height adjustments. Moreover, it is an award-winning and all-in-one easel for kids.

Its wood construction has non-toxic detail that is safe with water-based paints. You can be sure of your kid’s safety too. Hape offers a number of refillable paper rolls so the kids can paint as much as they wanted. However, the easel model only provides one replaceable paper roll. Purchase paper rolls when needed.

It is a double-sided easel featuring a magnetic whiteboard and an erasable chalkboard. The magnetic whiteboard side allows the kiddo to attach fridge magnets. That tool helps to hold in place a picture to be drawn or painted.

The other side particularly an erasable chalkboard is similar to a traditional chalkboard seen in schools. It allows your kid to experience being a teacher at home.

The easel comes with color-coded sealable paint pots for the kids to easily find the right color combination on their artwork. It has an easy access storage tray to hold the other materials.

It takes lesser time to assemble as well as to disassemble this easel model. This can grow with your child’s stage of development through its adjustable and inclination features.


  • Good for two or more kids
  • High-quality construction
  • Worthy of buying
  • Meets all the safety standards


  • Doesn’t fit other than Hape’s paper rolls
  • Made too small for some users

2. Mont Marte MEA0001C Tripod Easel

Mont Marte Tripod Easel H.D. Beech

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For over 13 years, Mont Marte became so popular worldwide in producing art products in the Australian market. Until it became the market leader offering art products in Australia. The company’s main goal is to let the customers have the best painting experience as ever before. This A-frame easel is fit for either home or studio use for any level of artist skills.

The material used is well-crafted beech wood with steel fittings to assure stability and durability. It weighs very lightweight about 7-pounds, which is great for travel or outdoor use.

You can take the easel from place to place without any difficulty even with no built wheels. This allows you to look for more unique painting subjects at any place.

The easel is assembled within 5-minutes by fixing the tray on its frame with the use of a screw for further adjustments. All of the screws have caps to protect your finger from hurting in adjusting the easel. You can safely adjust the easel into a multitude of positions for a better painting experience.

Though the easel seems very portable, it provides better capacities than the other easels. It is through a ledge that it can support up to 52” canvases well as the brushes and paints.

It is in a tripod mode when being used and can be folded flat for easy transport and storage. Plus, the disassembled easel is supported by straps to prevent it from falling off. There’s also a carrying handle for at ease transport.

Key features:

  • High-quality beech wood material;
  • Classic A-frame easel;
  • Screw adjustments;
  • Has tripod look.


  • Very affordable
  • Supports tallercanvases
  • Quick to assemble
  • Easy to transport


  • Not suitable for abstract artists
  • Packing failure

3. U.S. Art Supply Coronado French Style Easel

U.S. Art Supply Coronado Large Wooden French Style Field and Studio Sketchbox Easel with Artist Drawer, Palette, Premium Beechwood - Adjustable Wood Tripod Easel Stand for Painting, Sketching, Display

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U.S Art Supply Coronado is the best French easel on the list. French-style easels are a good choice by most artists. It is a so-called field easel that is ideal for someone painting outdoors. This model is perfect for beginners. It can work as a desktop easel too and hence its versatility is very much appreciated.

This Coronado Sketch box gives all that you need in every artwork to be made. It is built with hand-sanded beech wood and finished with brass hardware. It has a catchy-look design and is so perfect to place in large studios. The construction is made sturdy and remains stable throughout the artwork session.

It is capable of holding up to 34″ art canvas. Taller painters would surely love this easel due to its fully extendable feature up to 71”. This fully adjustable easel is a great buy.

The other materials needed in making an artwork are placed on its sliding drawer with divided compartments. Thus, more organize pieces of stuff are greatly achieved. There’s also a removable wooden palette use for best results painting.

Despite being the full package, storing the easel only takes a small space in your closet. The easel folds up into a more compact size weighing only 15-pounds. It comes with a handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for easier transport.

Coronado French Style Easel isn’t only a stylish tool but more of the complete package art equipment.

Key features:

  • French-style easel;
  • Has built-in sketch box;
  • Durable leather handle;
  • Excellent adjustment features;
  • Removable wooden palette.


  • Suitable for taller users
  • Folded into neat size
  • Well-built easel
  • Has a portable scheme


  • Slightly expensive
  • Heavier than the other easels
  • It quickly dries out woods without the use of linseed oil

4. Jack Richeson Lyptus Wood “Dulce” 840200 Easel

Jack Richeson Lyptus Wood "Dulce" Easel (JACK-840200)


Let us give you a bit of the history of lyptus wood. This wood is well-grown in South America for 14 to 16 years that come from hybrid eucalyptus trees. It is hardwood and is harder than oak, resulting in a sturdier easel that can stand for everyday use. Plus, lyptus wood is an eco-friendly choice by global consumers. It regrows through the stump of the harvested trees and is so very efficient to reproduce.

It is an H-frame easel which is good for serious painters working on larger than standard size canvases. This holds up to 7-feet high canvases at once. Its perfect stability is what makes this art tool very pleasing to the users. It rarely moves while finishing the artwork with heavyweights.

In addition to its toughness was its laminated quad base that supports the overall easel even for long hours of painting. It has a side and locks a height adjustment system for proper positioning as you desire.

Out of the box is mostly assembled art equipment and only requires a bit of assembly process. Therefore, you’ll be having more time in painting your greatest masterpiece of all time. It works very well whether in a standing or sitting position.

The only downfall is the difficulty to move around the equipment as it has no wheels attached. Decide to place it in one corner away from destruction.

Key features:

  • H-frame easel;
  • Solid lyptus wood construction;
  • Assembly required;
  • Height adjustment system.


  • Very tough construction
  • Eco-friendly
  • Less effort for assembly
  • Great capacity


  • No wheels attached
  • No extra space for holding other materials

5. Art Alternatives Marquis Artists Desk Box Easel

Art Alternatives Marquis Artists Adjustable Desk Box Easel, Natural

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Another type of easel is the tabletop or desktop easel. This is recommended for painters who have restricted studio space because of its compactness.

Art Alternatives Marquis Artists Desk Box Easel is under the said category. It is a portable miniature desk use as a painting easel. This is mostly used by youthful craftsman who isn’t too expert in painting. It is a great investment as well because of its sturdy design.

It is mainly used as a desk, but you can easily convert it into painting with ease with one simple adjustment. The structure is very handy durable enough to hold whatever you place onto it. That happens because of its elastic feet on each of its four corners. The Marquis Easel ends up being lightweight yet sturdy.

This easel accommodates a smaller canvas measuring not more than 11 x 14-inches. Hence, it isn’t suggested for artists who are making critical artworks. It is indeed a miniature easel.

Regardless of its smallness in size, there are three compartments available in a drawer. It stores the essential brushes and other art gear. It is placed in an easy-to-access portion of the easel so you can perform different brush strokes quickly.

You can adjust the easel in four different positions according to your desired comfort. This provides better artwork results at the end of the day.

Key features:

  • Portable and a convertible tabletop easel;
  • Elastic feet design;
  • Has one drawer with three compartments;
  • Multiple position adjustments;
  • One-way adjustment.


  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Lightweight construction
  • Has carrying handle
  • Easy to access drawer
  • Very affordable


  • The drawer is too shallow
  • Not suitable for watercolors
  • Cannot accommodate larger canvas

6. Sienna Plein Air Artist Pochade Box Easel

Sienna Plein Air Pochade Box, Artists Adjustable Easel and Palette Box (CT-PB-0910) - Medium

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In order to create a beautiful masterpiece, you need to have first a beautifully made easel. Sienna Plein Air Pochade Box Easel seems pricier among the listed products maybe because of its superior design.

The painters’ studio will look stunning by having this kind of easel. It works well for painters who often choose to sit on the ground while painting. However, it can be extended upward for painters who choose to stand while painting.

Pochade Box Easel is not only good-looking but also durable and versatile at work. It is a combination of poplar, maple, and Baltic birch wood and finished with cherry stain. That ends up to an ever-sophisticated easel.

Its canvas holders are designed with versatility as it can hold both panels and stretched canvas. Both boxes accommodate any width size canvas. You can adjust the height of the canvas holder through the two-star knobs.

The plastic star knobs are responsible for all adjustments from canvas holders to its lid angle arm. It is easy to grip, which results in tighter holding power.

Oils and acrylics have their own place on this easel. There is a removable tempered glass palette that is responsible for holding those stuff. Additionally, a brush tray is included too. It holds seven brushes in total with the help of a pair of magnets. Palette cups are placed on the easel’s flat area to prevent the spilling of the paints.

This could be more difficult to transport as compared to other Plein air easels as there’s no attached carrying handle.

Key features:

  • French-style easel;
  • Excellent adjustment features;
  • Stunning design;
  • Star knobs for adjustments;
  • Brush tray;
  • Palette cup holder.


  • Very pleasing look
  • Good for professional painters
  • Lightweight and portable
  • High-quality easel


  • Pricier than any other products
  • Cannot hold larger canvases
  • No built-in carrying handle

7. Melissa & Doug’s Deluxe Wooden Stand-up Art Easel

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

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Melissa and Doug are parents of six children who love to play around the house. They’ve come up with the idea of making an easel to complete the art studio of their kids. The Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Easel is suitable for children ages 3 to 7-years old. It brings out the creative side of the kiddos.

This easel is prescribed by the American Academy of Pediatrics as a healthy choice for hands-on play. Melissa and Doug received praises from popular American magazines. That adds up to the assurance of the quality of the products they are offering.

It can be a tool for learning because of its multi-purpose features. It is a two-sided easel including a dry-erase board and a chalkboard. Each side plays different roles and offers good quality performance. It also comes with a paper roll holder and child-safe paper cutter for more child-friendly artworks. There is a large plastic tray on both sides that holds artwork materials.

It is built with a sturdy wooden frame that is easy to set up. The height of the easel is adjustable for the kids to use it for a long time. It is a stand-up easel design that is more comfortable, especially for playful kids.

Cleaning the easel is so easy with its detachable trays and boards. It can be washed in a sink for thorough cleaning. You can fold the easel for easy storage after use. And, reassemble it any time of the day.

Key features:

  • Stand-up easel for children up to 7-years old;
  • American Academy of Pediatrics certified;
  • Double-sided easel;
  • Comes with several added accessories;
  • Adjustable height;
  • Detachable trays and boards.


  • Out of long-lasting materials
  • Child-friendly
  • Highly-rated toddler easel
  • High versatility


  • Uses plastic knobs
  • Quality issues

8. Tri-C Aluminum Field Easel

Tri-C Aluminum Field Easel

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If you are still looking for an easy-to-grab easel, here is Tri-C Aluminum Field Easel. It comes with a nylon bag with a shoulder strap for free, so you can easily bring it on every travel you’ll take.

Travelling could be one of the best ways to look for a perfect painting subject. Plus, this very low-priced easel is one of Amazon’s Choices.

It is built with tripod legs that are adjustable for field use, particularly on an uneven surface. You can, therefore, position the easel at any place even on difficult surfaces. These functions as a tabletop or surface easel, depending on the artist’s liking.

This must be the lightest of the overall Plein air easel being listed due to its aluminum construction. It can hold 32-inch tall canvas. You can adjust the rear knob until the desired tightness is achieved.

There are other three ways to adjust the canvas. It is through A-ledge mounted on a leg, B-tray, and using the sign holder. But the most convenient of them all is through the rear knob.

It is a combination of portable and lightweight construction suitable for a tight budget. However, Tri-C Aluminum Field Easel lacks some other important features that most artists are looking for. It doesn’t include storage drawers, and so the materials require another place of storage. You can separately buy one if you want to be more organized.

It has a problem with stability, maybe because of its very thin construction as seen on the product’s picture.

Key features:

  • Free nylon bag;
  • Multiple canvas adjustment;
  • A field easel.


  • Very lightweight
  • Travel-friendly easel
  • Can hold tall canvases
  • Lowly priced
  • Many positive feedbacks from the users


  • Lack of essential features
  • Issue on stability

9. Juvale 6-pieces Natural Wood Mini Easels

Juvale 6 Mini Easels - Natural Wood Decorative Display Table Setting Place Card Holder - 7 inch

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One type of easel is the display easel. It is more ideal to be used for decorating paintings or pictures at home. The best thing is it comes in 6-pieces in one very affordable purchase.

You can use these easels during weddings, parties, and other big celebrations at home to make the ambiance more stunning. Put some of your own artworks onto the easel to amaze the visitors. It’s like they’re partying inside an art museum.

These mini easels are made of natural and tough wood. It is very simple looking while in fact, you can make one on your own by imitating its design. But, we suggest you buy at least to lessen the hassle. You won’t spend much on this purchase.

It is designed for table setting due to its compactness in nature. Miniature paintings are therefore fit on these mini easels. Make sure to put a personal touch of your creativity in setting up these display easels on tables to make it more attractive.

It, therefore, enhances your creativity, which is one of the reasons why you should buy an easel.

Perhaps these work for small-time artworks but not for bigger ones. It only acts as a support for done artworks and not for work-in-progress paintings. Then again, its primary purpose is to serve as a display holder and not as a holder of work in process canvas.

The easels are sturdy enough to hold small display paintings. It is fully equipped with a screw for a firmer hold.

Key features:

  • 6-pieces of mini display easels;
  • Made of natural wood;
  • Demands table settings.


  • Within the budget
  • Ideal for gatherings
  • Allows personal touch on displays
  • Quite sturdy construction
  • Very cute construction


  • Not used for full canvas painting
  • For display purposes only

10. Discovery Kids 3-in-1 Tabletop Easel

Discovery Kids 3-in-1 Tabletop Dry Erase Chalkboard Painting Art Easel, Includes Paper Roll and Oversized Clip, 17 x 15 Inch Wood Frame, Perfect for Children 3+ | Foldable/Portable for Countertop Play

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Kids are hooked on artworks, and hence we’ve decided to include once more one of the best kids’ easels in the market. Kids can do three activities in just one art tool made by Discovery Kids. It is a 3-in-1 easel, including a tabletop dry erase board, chalkboard, and a painting easel. The children will surely learn how to draw, chalk, and paint in a shorter period of time.

This tool can be used by pre-school teachers as a way of teaching the kids in a more modern way. It’ll make kids more curious and attentive if they encounter new stuff.

It is a double-sided easel, and so two kids can use the easel at once without any case of fighting or arguing on each other. This develops the relationship of every sibling inside a house instead of just playing with gadgets and living in their own world.

The tool can be placed on a desk or on any flat surface just make sure the kiddo can reach it. Consider the comfort of the child in setting up the easel. Hence, the tool is very portable and easy to keep in place or to find its perfect positioning.

It can stand alone because of the solid wood construction. After using the easel, fold it down and store it in narrow spaces.

The product comes with an oversized clip and paper roll. These added tools help the child to have better outcomes on its artwork. It only takes the complete guidance of a parent for the child’s skill to grow more.

Key features:

  • Best easel for children;
  • Good for home and school use;
  • 3-in-1 easel construction;
  • Double-sided assembly;
  • Solid wood construction;
  • Additional oversized clip and paper roll.


  • Requires only a small space
  • Easy to set up
  • Includes dry eraser


  • Tip-over issues

Artist Easel Buyer’s Guide

Before we go through the best art easels reviews, here’s a quick buying guide just for you. Useful information is stated below about easels that you need to know before buying one. It includes the must-have features and more learning for you to check out. This benefits both beginners and enthusiasts in the arts. Without further ado, let’s get it started!



If all the following factors are present on your selected easel, you are picking the right product. Here are a few things you need to assess on an easel before spending your money:


Price is mostly proportionate to the product’s quality. The more expensive the product is, the higher its quality. In the case of an easel, the price varies depending on its type. Suitable quality easels have a price range between 50 to 200 bucks, which is very reasonable for most artists. You can pick more expensive ones if you desire.


A tool is useless if it quickly breaks down after a short time of use. Sometimes the sturdiness of a product depends on the price as cheaply offered easels are only suitable for the short run. Spend a little bit extra to get a more durable easel on the market. Reasonably priced easels that could last a long time are much available in today’s market.

Easels made from hardwood are the best option for a more stable and long-lasting material. It helps you throughout the painting session with accuracy. However, it is going to be heavy and so not easy to move around. Some easels have aluminum frames, which are better for more extended use.

Other materials used are lighter woods such as plywood and balsa. The durability and usefulness of the easel are lessened because it is more prone to damage. You saved more money and yet more expenses for repair and replacement.

Type of easel

Painting is not just for adults but for younger generations too. There are ten types of easels being produced in which each class has specific characteristics. It includes:

  • A-Frame Easels: It is triangular forming the letter “A”. This one is easy to place in a corner and easy to store. This is appropriate for intermediate artists, and it is the most popular type of easel.
  • H-Frame Easels: It has a more stable base than A-Frame and is under the heavy-duty type of easels. It requires more space for it supports bigger canvases and hence not easy to fold up. H-Frame Easels greatly benefit professional artists in producing commissioned artworks. Productivity is, therefore increased through it.
  • Giant Easels: This type is right for artists who work on a larger scale. It can hold extra-large canvases and so offer at higher prices. Its size is an extra bulkier than the first two easel types.
  • Convertible Easels: You can turn it from a traditional easel into a tabletop. This is suitable for artists who work more versatile paintings on either upright or horizontal surfaces. It has a paint tray to hold other painting stuff.
  • Single Mast Easels: Beginner artists can purchase this type of easel. It is more affordable and simple to set up than H and A-frame. Its single central backbone serves as a support for the canvas and only occupies a small footprint. Despite its only single backbone, it can still hold the large art.
  • Tabletop Easels: This might be the most portable easel on the list, which is suitable for small-scale artists who paint occasionally. It is the more compact version of A-Frame Easels. Storing process would be more natural too. Some tabletop easels have a drawer that holds art supplies.
  • Plein Air Easels: Painting outdoor requires the use of a Plein air easel with its tripod legs. It is comfortable to set up and durable due to its aluminum and wood frame. It can hold paint palettes through a shelf.
  • Bench Easels: Painting on site is done better with bench easels. It comes with a bench and a collapsible easel. This costs a bit higher. Some models improved their mobility by adding wheels. This is usually found in an art class drawing a live subject. It requires a lot of floor space.
  • Display Easels: As the name suggests, it is used for display and not for painting purposes. It is designed flimsy and only provides a pleasing presentation. This holds your best artworks for a lifetime.
  • Children Easels: This type is obviously for the kiddos. It is adjustable in height so that it grows along with the kids. You can look for two-sided kid easels to make a painting room for both kids at the same time.

Adaptable for any mediums

Mediums are used throughout the art session. Some easel manufacturers require certain mediums like acrylic or oil for advertisement purposes only. While the truth is, any medium could work anyways.

Easy to set up

Portability is a big issue when it comes to assembling an easel, whether working indoors or outdoors. Most easel models are ready to set up by only unfolding them. There’s no need to use extra tools to assemble the easel completely. Some put wheels on the means to be easily repositioned when needed.

After using the easel, fold it down and store it in the corner or the included easel storage.


Your maximum canvas size is a must-known fact before buying an easel. It is because not all easels can accommodate the same dimensions of canvases. Consider getting an easel that has a few more inches allowance to your canvas’ size. Make sure it secures the canvas in place without causing any distractions while at work.

Horizontal capacity is essential as well as this supports landscape artworks. By this style, you’ll see the art’s beauty out a distance.

There must be an extra storage room for holding other art stuff like a palette, brushes, and an extra canvas. However, this adds weight to the easel and yet an excellent benefit for most painters out there. Only some models have this storage space, so look out for it.


Adjustment mechanisms

To find the desired comfort, looking for the right size of an easel is necessary. Another tip is to select an easel that has an adjustment mechanism on its height, width, and proper positioning.

There are models which are made for standing and for sitting while painting. Make sure to buy an easel that will fit your height to achieve that highest level of comfort while at work. So, it might be better to check out the dimensions of the equipment before placing an order.

Number of sides

There are so-called single and double-sided easels mainly made for kids. Having multiple kids demands not only one easel but maybe two or more. The best option must be the double-sided easel. It allows all the kids to draw or paint on their own space without disturbing one another because it is positioned back-to-back.

Other accessories

Aside from the easel itself, there are other accessories needed in making an artwork that some manufacturers do include on easel’s purchase. Some models include paper roll, dry eraser, paper clips, and other important things.

These things bring a cost-effective product instead of buying it separately. It significantly affects the costs in the right way by lessening the cost given up.


Call out a friend who is already experienced to buy an easel and then ask for insights in finding the right product. This could be the best factor to consider before deciding which product to buy. It is because you will know a strong reaction to a specific product.

Another area that you’ll find a buyer’s recommendations is in the product’s review section. In there you’ll read some positive and negative feedbacks about the specified product.

That helps a lot for you to select the right and best easel that suits your need. For example, is Amazon’s review section on each product. There are also rates shown on every product that tells how good it is for them.


The most crucial factor you need to consider is where the product comes from. Most of the time, reputable brands are proven and tested in rendering higher-quality products. It might costs a bit higher than the unpopular brands, but it avoids further loss due to sudden damages. It is better to pay higher than to have regrets afterward.


This section will give you an urge to buy your easel at the moment. Being an artist isn’t enough reason in having an easel because there’s more to that. We’ll show you five convincing reasons for you to buy an easel.

Easel enhances creativity

An easel boosts anyone’s creativity as it stands there, holding the canvas while you imagine the masterpiece outcome. It gives you the freedom to draw or paint whatever you wanted without any hassle.

You’ll be more organized in making your ideas into real art. You’ll discover some new skills coming from within as you continue creating more and more masterpieces.

Easel results in more hand and eye coordination

Your hands and eyes will be in the right proportion to the canvas. This results in a more balance artwork because of the inline relation of your vision to the material. It limits body adjustments and movements while at work. And so, easel lessens the stress in making your artwork done.

Easel benefits our body

As you work hard in creating your masterpiece, your body is helped too. The fine motor skills or the small muscles will be developed as you go on in improving your skills. This works more effectively for the kids who love to draw, write, and paint using an easel.

The easel makes things more convenient

Instead of using a study table or a plain table in doing your artwork, using an easel lessens the hassle. The canvas will be in place after a long period of work. There’ll be no unnecessary movements between the artist and the artwork. Easel lets you focus on the artwork in progress until it is finished.

Easel marks you like a pro

Who says only professional artists can have an easel? Everyone deserves to have one, even beginners and students. The easel makes the learners look like a pro, which is so encouraging on their part. They’ll be more inspired to create a stunning masterpiece. It can grow with their skills as time goes by.



There’s no particular easel made for all artists. This tool varies in many aspects according to the artists’ needs. You don’t need to spend much to say you have the right easel.

Just make it clear to yourself which model suits your need by checking the offered features of the product. Through that process, it would be easier to lower down your options.

You can choose between purchasing high-end easels and cheaper ones. Each option has benefits and downfalls you can encounter. Of course, the first option is more durable and feature-laden easels. You can expect the cheaper easels to be less durable and lacking in features. Pick as according to your prepared budget.

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