Best garden lights solar and LED

Best garden lights, led bulbs and solar powered lights

Looking for best garden lights? Can’t decide which ones to buy – solar powered or electricity powered? I have sorted out the top rated models and wrote information about them.

Why so many people are starting to choose Solar Power Lights, not electricity powered lights?

Solar energy lights are becoming more popular because of its energy saving technology. Imagine if you need to pay a bill for fifteen garden lights. It can be quite expensive. But assume that you can choose solar lights and escape that bill? Awesome, right? And as we all know electricity bills are getting much higher.

These days you can buy so many things which use solar energy. You can even run your house with solar energy. So, why not to run garden lights with solar power too? Plus, there is one more good thing. Or two. You can move your lights wherever you want, and anywhere you want. But if you are using electricity powered lights, you need to dig in a cable, and you can’t move those lights after.

Do you know how solar powered lights works?

I can tell you – Lights are using small solar panels and at the day they are gathering sunlights, which is needed for charging batteries. Later, when it’s getting darker, solar lights turns on, and light is using at day charged battery power.

There is one important thing – solar panel should be in direct sunlight. If you put it in non-accessible place, where it can’t get sunlight, it will not charge batteries. Remember – solar lights needs ~8-10 hours to charge fully. The bigger light, the more time is required.

Best Solar Garden Lights Analysis

Set of 6 High Quality Solar Stainless Steel Path Lights with Warm White LEDs

[amazonjs asin=”B00ZD1DD6E” locale=”US” title=”Set of 6 High Quality Solar Stainless Steel Path Lights with Warm White LEDs and Garden Stakes”]

Best garden lights for high quality gardens. Really good quality – sturdy. Battery charges very,very fast and lights was still bright after 10 hours of working. And the best thing is – they are made of steel, not plastic as other cheap lights. Light comes out in very beautiful pattern.

Latest lights comes with pole stickers. They are hard to peel off. You will need to use glue remover. But that’s not a bad thing. These lights comes packaged nicely and is easy to assemble. The posts are metal and the stakes are plastic, which is nice. I purchased 36 lights and they all worked without any issues.


Set of 6 LED Solar-Powered Garden Lights – neutral design

[amazonjs asin=”B017OJA7GG” locale=”US” title=”Set of 6 LED Solar-Powered Garden Lights; Perfect Neutral Design; Makes Garden Pathways & Flower Beds Look Great; Easy NO-WIRE Installation; All-Weather/Water- Resistant. 100% Money-Back Guarantee!”]

Best garden lights for big garden. These garden lights come with a plastic housing. The pole and stakes are also made from plastic. If you have dry or heavy rocky soil, don’t push lights in so hard, there is a possibility that you can break them. That’s the con of these lights. Steel or aluminum pole and stakes would be great for future updates. But if you look at the price, you will understand that it’s hard to complain about it.

How about a battery? There is no problem operate more than 8 hours. Nobody needs more than 8-hour battery life. I guess. Batteries need to be replaced every 2 or 3 years.

Light temperature is 5000k – white, cool lights. I love it. In future, I will buy warmer lights, but for the garden border, white color is right. If you want warmer lights, choose a range of 2,700K to 3,000K.


Set of 8 Moonrays 91381 Payton Solar LED Plastic Path Lights

[amazonjs asin=”B00A52B7CS” locale=”US” title=”Moonrays 91381 Payton Solar LED Plastic Path Light, 2X-Brighter, 8-Pack, Black”]

One of the Best garden lights. These lights made me think twice before I wrote. When I saw these lights I was like – So plastic, much low quality. But when I tried to assemble them and saw light pattern my mind changed drastically. Very easy to assemble and the pattern is so beautiful. When assembling these lights, be careful. Breaking something is easy. Follow directions carefully.

They look beautiful as lights for walkway. If you want high-quality lights, buy these. Put them in a row and your patio will look great.

P.s – if some of these lights fail after few days, you will need to replace battery. I suggest replacing with non-rechargeable battery. I recommend Amazon Basics AA batteries. (Buy them here) I even suggest replacing all batteries. Lights will work better, and light will be brighter.


Set of 10 GardenJoy Solar Powered LED Garden Lights

[amazonjs asin=”B00L0IQEMY” locale=”US” title=”GardenJoy Solar Powered LED Garden Lights, Black, Set of 10″]

Best garden outdoor lights for this price/performance. The first impression was not so good, but when I assembled them together (It was very easy btw). I tried to bend then and break them, that was impossible! Lights are not so bright but good enough for romantic lighting.

Batteries lasted 8-10 hours without any problems. In my country sunlight is a rare thing, but that was not an issue for these lights. Ohh, forgot to mention – these lights have two height option. This feature belongs to expensive lights. Lights is purple, like white combined with purple.

Best budget lights for your garden / choice



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