10 Best Thickness Planers For Woodworking

Thickness Planers For Woodworking

If you do woodworking either as a profession or hobby, your workshop is definitely incomplete if you don’t have at least a planer to work with.

Planers are perfect for smoothing out knots and hard edges in boards, and they give your work professional finishing.

You can use also a hand planer, but it won’t be as effective as electric ones. If you need specific size planers, check out these articles – 13-inch planers or 15-inch thickness planers.

A thickness planer is a handy tool that should be in your workshop and you shouldn’t contemplate buying it thinking it has limited functionality but when you start using a planer, you will get to realize how much money you are saving and you will be glad you have one.

Not all thickness planers have the same capability and features, and that is why we have taken out time to come up with this review of the ten best thickness planers to help you narrow your search. Check it out!

Best Thickness Planers Listed And Reviewed [2022]

1. DEWALT DW735 13-Inch Two Speed Thickness Planer

DEWALT Thickness Planer, Two Speed, 13-Inch (DW735)

The DW735 is a great thickness planer that serves as a long-term investment and allows you to save money instead of having to replace your planer every time. It is a lightweight machine of about 92 pounds, it has a powerful 15-amp motor that makes it powerful enough to handle deep cuts in tough hardwoods effortlessly.

This product is often time confused with the DW735X planer but the visible difference, however, is the absence of infeed and outfeed tables and the lack of extra knife on the DW735, but the fact still stands that it is a tool that shows strength for a hard work

It has a gearbox for 96 cuts per inch/179 cuts per inch and the same 19-3/4-inch cast aluminum base, a cutter head speeds of 10,000 revolutions per minute and motor speeds of 20,000 revolutions per minute, and its three-knife cutter head and two-speed gearbox delivers 96 or 179 cuts per inch (cpi).

For dimensioning of material and a finer finish, you can use 96 cpi.

This planer has a fan-assisted chip ejection system, dust hose adapter, and a dust ejector that breaks down debris leaves the cutter head and blows it into one of the two dust shrouds (included).

The dust shroud disperses the chip onto the floor as you use the planer and another shroud provides a connection to enable you to use a vacuum hose or dust-collector hose.


  • 2-speed gearbox
  • Three blades improve cut precision
  • Dust hose adaptor for chip ejection
  • Reversible knives


  • No infeed and outfeed tables
  • No spare knife set

2. WEN 6552T 13 in. 15 Amp 3-Blade Benchtop Corded Thickness Planer

WEN 6552T 13 in. 15 Amp 3-Blade Benchtop Corded Thickness Planer

Who would’ve thought that old jagged boards can be brought back to life? With this WEN 6552T Thickness Planer, a worn-out wood can be repurposed by giving it an exceptionally smooth finish.

It has a powerful 15 Amp motor that provides you with a precise cutting of over 25,500 cuts per minute at a 26 ft. per minute feed rate. With ease, you can plane boards up to 13 in. W and 6 in. T. if you want to achieve a minimal snipe, it has a height-adjustable infeed and outfeed table.

Granites are versatile and not just meant for kitchen counters and this WEN product will blow your mind as it comes ready with a granite table to help your boards move smoothly without leaving a mark on the bottom of the boards.

Also, the granite reduces the chances of the board getting lodged in the center. Not forgetting that it has a dust port that pulls the dust off the machine.

This product has an onboard planning gage that helps keep users informed on the number of materials that are removed during each pass and also features a heavy-duty cast iron base that makes it sturdy and not wobble when used. With just a weight of 66 pounds, it is very impressive given its capabilities.


  • Lightweight and easy mobility
  • Large thickness scale
  • 15 Amps motor that is strong
  • Comes with infeed and outfeed tables for increased width capacity
  • 2-year warranty


  • No extra blades
  • Single-speed planer
  • Size and power not suited for professional use

3. Delta Power Tools 22-555 Portable Thickness Planer

Delta Power Tools 22-555 13 In Portable Thickness Planer

Using this Delta power wood thickness planer to plane boards for your various projects is a great way to avoid mistakes. It has a 15-amp motor that enables it to take on both small and not too small jobs, so if you deal with wood as a professional or not, this product comes in very handy but you should note that it is not ideal for heavy use – so keep it low.

You can easily swap out the blades to plane soft and hardwoods with the unique knife system it comes with. It has an adjustable infeed and outfeed to reduce snipe and handle long pieces, the knives are dual edge and disposable.

With the low price point, it is sure a product that gives you great value for your money. It is solidly and well-built with snipe production and an easy blade change.

Both the infeed and the outfeed tables on the front and the back of this planer are adjustable. It also features an open design that enables users to see through to the back and also helps you keep a close watch on each piece of wood as you push through.

Also, it comes with a dust port that you can place on either side of the machine in order to collect the dust as you cut through the wood.


  • Powerful 15-amp motor
  • Dual edged knives
  • Affordable
  • User-Friendly
  • Five-year warranty


  • Not ideal for the heavy user or a professional
  • Not suitable for hardwoods

4. DEWALT DW735X Two-Speed 13-Inch Thickness Planer

DEWALT Thickness Planer, Two Speed, 13-Inch (DW735X)

This Dewalt two-speed 13-inch wood planer comes ready as it features a cutter head that is well equipped with three double-edged knives. With this, the cutter head can make 10,000 revolutions per minute even when the 15 Amps motor produces 20,000 revolutions per minute.

With the DW735X having a cutting depth capacity of 6 inches, measuring 24 x 22 x 18.8 inches, weighing 105 pounds, and a two-speed gearbox, this well-built planer is capable of switching between cutting at an accuracy of 96 cuts per inch to even higher accuracy of 179 CPI, according to how you want it.

The blades can cut into wood for as deep as 1/8 inches for a smooth finish cut on your plane boards. It also has a dust hose adaptor that helps with cleaning up and reduces flying wood dust and debris

A side attraction for this DW725X planer is that when you purchase it, it comes with a three-year warranty and also a one-year of free service.


  • Comes with three blades that improve cut precision
  • Has Reversible knives
  • The dust hose adaptor helps with cleaning up and reduces flying wood dust and debris
  • A 2-speed gearbox
  • Infeed and outfeed tables
  • Extra-large thickness scale
  • 3-year warranty


  • Expensive
  • Not lightweight compared to others

5. PORTER-CABLE PC305TP 12″ Thickness Planer

PORTER-CABLE Thickness Planer, 12-Inch (PC305TP)

The Porter Cable PC305TP 12” planer is one to look out for when you want a good planer for your woodwork. For people that are with a low budget but looking for what will serve you, this is a good thickness planer to bring into your workshop as it comes with features that will serve you well.

It comes with a powerful 15 amp motor that makes it cut through wood quickly and smoothly. Its double-sided blades have indexing holes or notches, unlike the earlier benchtop planer blades that need replacement jigs in order to replace the blades.

Also, as the blades are double-sized when a side gets blunts, you have the option of taking them off the cutter head and take to the sharp end to continue cutting – this will work just like new blades!

This Porter-Cable planer is a 15 amp 12-inch porter cable planer that is just like a rebranded and refined version of the Delta planer. Just as a good tool that does extremely well with a small woodwork shop, it does a great job to reclaim those old boards of yours even the new ones too!

When working with it, it doesn’t make too much noise compared to other products, so your neighbors won’t complain about the noise coming from your workshop.

Despite the cool features, the downside of this planer is that it produces snipes in both ends of the board being planed, but you can avert this by supporting your lumber when feeding it to the machine and also support it when it’s coming out on the other side.


  • It’s portable
  • It has disposable knives
  • Features Cutter Elevation technology
  • Infeed and outfeed rollers increase width capacity


  • Single-speed planer
  • Low CPI makes it not the most precise planer
  • Produces snipes

6. Grizzly G0505 12-1/2-inch Thickness Planer

Grizzly Industrial G0505-12-1/2" 2 HP Benchtop Planer

This Grizzly thickness planer comes with surprises when you consider the price. You might be thinking it’s just another piece of junk when you know the price but surprisingly, the opposite is just the case. This planer is made of metal which makes it tough, sturdy, and highly durable. With this in your workshop, you can run all kinds of hardwood through it and you will be amazed at the results you will get.

The cutter-head has two knives that yield visible results when it runs through the wood.

This thickness planer comes with a 2 HP motor, a 10000 RPM cutter head, and a feed rate of 32 FPM. It has a maximum cutting width of 12-1/2 Inches, a maximum cutting height of 6 Inches, a maximum cut depth of 3/32 inch, and a minimum board thickness of 13/64 Inches.

This machine is lightweight and easy to carry but despite its weight, it is designed for quality and doesn’t lack strength, it sits properly and is sturdy when planning woods. Not forgetting that it produces fine cuts and a smooth finish.

However, the downside I can see with this planer is that it is a bit loud when working with it, so to be comfortable working with it, you should use ear protection when working with it. But apart from this issue, this planer is a good fit for your woodwork and it produces planed wood that is free from snipe and tears.

You can prevent overheating with this since it features a thermal overload protection that prevents overheating, an On/Off toggle switch, and a safety lock.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy setup
  • Well-built with metal to last
  • No snipe
  • Sharp enough to cut through any kind of hardwood


  • Too loud when using

7. Cutech 40600H-CT 13″ Spiral Cutterhead Thickness Planer

if you are looking for a planer to plane some face frames then the Cutech 40600H-CT 13” is one to consider. Whether it is oak or ash, poplar or pine, it doesn’t matter, it works effectively.

This is a good choice for advanced or professional woodworkers, it has a quick set depth stop that is just like the professional model. It is lightweight, yet strong and durable with a solid aluminum base and carriage, and encased in stamped steel.

This Cutech product will get the job done exactly as you want as it features 26 two-sided cutting inserts that can be easily indexed., it is driven by a powerful rip-roaring 15-amp motor, which makes it ready and tough enough to take on hardwoods. It comes with a 14” x 9” infeed and outfeed tables that are just the perfect size for most cabinet work and other woodworking projects.

A great feature that comes with having this product is the 4 leveling screw posts that help get rid of snipe and give you greater control. The dust control is decent, and it offers 7 spiral cutter-head models.

The finish of your woods will surely be spectacular even if you run 50 board feet of 4/4 black walnut through to size it to ¾”. None of the boards will snipe and will give you a smooth finish.

It has a height adjustment feature and an Anti-Snipe lock that works smoothly. Also, it features a heavy cast part that makes the product seem robust.


  • Decent dust control
  • Carbide blades
  • Spiral cutter head
  • Heavy duty Screw Posts
  • 4 Heavy Duty Guide Posts.


  • A bit expensive

8. Delta Power Tools 22-555 Thickness Planer

Delta Power Tools 22-555 13 In Portable Thickness Planer

Just like the Delta Power Tools 22-555, this thickness planer is built to work and comes with everything you need to get the work done in your wood workshop. It comes with a robust 15-amp motor that can handle any wood you can throw at it. The spiral cutter head has 26 two-sided HSS (high-speed steel) that ensures a smooth finish when you cut your boards, and also gives a long blade life.

The blades are one-piece, not segmented, extruded steel, powdered, to make it strong, easy to replace and give the wood that fine and smooth finish all woodworkers yearn for. The surface of your woods surely does not need sanding when this is in the picture.

With the Delta Power Tools 22-555, your work would be done easier. It is extra-large, with a 14” x 14” infeed and outfeed tables that can handle larger pieces of stock, slide depth stops and a built-in dust port makes it easier to use and a plus feature that makes it popular among woodworkers.

The snipe lock of this show-stopping top performer comes with a standard; you can just lock it down and take your mind off it! Just that and it will keep the wood from slipping and it won’t snipe the tip of the board. Just let the planer do its job and you will be amazed at results. This is a planer you will be glad you spent money on.


  • Powerful 15-amp motor
  • Extra-large infeed and outfeed table
  • Snipe lock when many of them don’t
  • Built-in dust port
  • I2-year warranty


  • Noisy in comparison to other planers for sale
  • Bulky with a weight of 90 pounds
  • Quite expensive
  • The planer’s snipe lock does not offer maximum functionality

9. RIKON Power Tools 25-130H 13-Inch Thickness Planer

RIKON Power Tools 25-130H 13-Inch Planer with Helical Head

What we love about the Rikon Power Tools 25-130H 13” planer is that it is an ideal tool for every woodworker that wants a fine and smooth finish on both soft and hardwood. The operation noise is quite low compared to other products, so you won’t need to protect your ears or disturb your neighbors when using this planer.

Generally, rotating and changing cutters can prove difficult on thickness planers but with this product, it becomes easier since it has an automatic cutter head lock. This product comes with a segmented cutter-head with 26-cutter that are arranged in six straight rows, to give a clean precision and enter the wood straight on.

It comes with two dust ports on the back of the machine (21⁄2 in. and 4 in. dia.), with one exiting on either side of the planer, and a dust collector with the planer connected to a 4-in.-dia. hose and dust collector.

It has a flat top that is suitable when staging area for boards in between as it runs through the machine. Its index-able knife insert is well sharpened on both edges and it can be easily rotated or changed if there is a need for that, especially when it is worn or damaged- you can just loosen, rotate, and tighten it and you are good to go!

This Planer features a side handle for easy table height adjustment, large fold-up extension tables, a 4-post threaded housing for extra head stability when running, a repeat cut setting lever, a flat top for stock returning, and a side carry handle.


  • Easy to change blades
  • Gives a fine, smooth finish on hard or soft wood
  • Powerful motor
  • 5-year warranty


  • Quite expensive to buy

10. Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Thickness Planer

Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer with Interna-Lok Automated Head Clamp

When talking about thickness planers, the Makita 2012NB 12-inch came fully prepared with great features and it should be a planer to consider for your woodworking workshop. This product with an internal-lok automated head clamp has an opposing weight to that.

It weighs a bit over 60 pounds and the design is compact and sleek. It is portable and can be carried to various worksites, making it a good choice for work that requires you to include transport.

The size of this easy-to-use planer can be quite deceiving when you judge it by its small size, it is actually a piece of very powerful equipment. It has an 8,500 RPM motor, with a maximum input width of 12 inches, the cut depth is 1/8th of an inch, and the planning depth is 1/16th of an inch.

As an easy-to-use planer, it is a suitable choice for beginners in woodworking. The noise emittance of this product is low (83Db), which makes it easy and safe to operate.

For safety, it has an LED light feature to indicate when it is plugged into a power source and ready to operate The downside of this product is the price, just like the DeWalt DW735X, it is quite expensive but also a good product to invest in.

This purchase comes with a double-edge planer blade, wrenches, key, and a toolbox, the blades can be easily changed, and disposable double-edge blades are available. Also, it comes with an optional dust collector.


  • 8,500 RPM motor
  • Compact design that is suited for transporting
  • Low noise emission
  • 1-year warranty


  • Expensive
  • Dust collection hood is sold separately

Thickness Planer Buying Guide

Whether you are fond of carpentry, or it is part of your profession, a thickness planer is an important tool that you should have.

This tool is used by woodworkers to flatten out rough and uneven wooden planks, in order to give a fine finish. It works by leveling out the surface of the wood, and shave off the top-most surface.

We all know that getting the right tool for your borders on your budget is important but you should also decide on the type of project that you would want to use your thickness planer for; whether it is for a hardwood project or a softwood one, considering all these and make you spend less and within your budget.

We have made a lot of research about thickness planers and that is why we have finally put together the things to consider when buying a thickness planer, in order to narrow down your search and help you save money.

Things to Consider When Buying a Thickness Planer

Basically, the research process involved in getting a thickness planer starts with a goal, and deciding on the features you want your thickness planer should have will save you lots of time since you already have an idea of what you want.

Since this is an investment you would want to make a good one by spending on a durable and highly efficient planer, some of the things to consider when buying a thickness planer are below:

The Motor

The power of your thickness planer is highly determined by the motor. If the type of thickness planer you want should be strong enough to cut through almost everything, ranging from soft pine to hard oak, then you should look for higher rotations per minute in the motor speed.

Basically, thickness planers are available in two types of motors, they are the electric induction motors and the electric universal motors. The induction motors are heavy, more sturdy, and highly durable and are usually preferred for static installations in workshops or industries but are not portable, while the universal motors are lightweight and less efficient.

A lot of cheap models of thickness planer come with a universal motor that is lightweight, and in a way, effective but the truth is, they don’t do well on the harder types of wood. However, it all depends on the type of work you do in your workshop; so you can go with the induction motor which weighs more and will work on all types of wood you would want to work with.

Noise and Sounds

Another thing to do before spending your money on a new power tool is to see the tool when it is in action. The professional woodworking workshops are always busy with noise coming from the sound of machines used.

Sometimes, the professionals can get used to the sound and it won’t bother them but the neighbors are at the receiving end of this noise. There are some thickness planers that produce less noise than others, but the downside with planers with lower noise is that it might possess the kind of strength you need to do your work like planning down larger and heavier woods.

If you wouldn’t be doing a lot of work with your thickness planers, then you can go for smaller ones that don’t make much noise.


The cost of thickness planers varies, it depends on the manufacturer, the model, and the brand you want to buy, you can even spend as low as $250 or as much as $1000 on a thickness planer. It all depends on your budget and what you want.

However, it is always important to buy a thickness planer that suits your needs and not just about the budget, in order to get the best value. Sometimes, a cheaper planer can serve you best, and an expensive planer might not be what you need.

The Allowance

The thickness allowance of your planer is an important feature to consider. The allowance is the largest width of rough wood the planer can handle. Basically, the allowance of a thickness planer should be six inches, but it can be adjusted to fit the individual’s needs.

The Construction

A thickness planer should feature a solid construction that should be able to withstand rigorous and continuous usage with wood. Just as the name suggests, it should be able to perform well even with vibration and shaking. The best of thickness planers are made from heavy-duty metals to suit your needs.

Table Size

Before buying a thickness planer, you should consider the size of the table that comes with the planer and the cutting area. A lot of models can support boards of up to 15 inches thick or wide. Even if it is large enough to take on more basic projects but when working with boards that are more than 20 inches long, you will be required to go a bit higher.

As a professional woodworker or an avid user, you should think about the thickness planer that can handle your project and don’t go off of surface-level impressions alone. You should buy a product that you have the confidence in and you know you have made the right decision for your woodworking dreams or profession.

Work Type

Whether you do woodworking as a hobby or you are a professional, you need a thickness planer to plane your wood but your kind of work determines the one to go for.

If you are looking to smoothen hardwoods, then go for stronger planers but it is just to reclaim previously discarded or old boards, then there is also one for that.


Thickness planers are convenient machines that save you lots of time to handle a manual planer but we also know the price is also on the high side compared to the manual type but it is reasonable if you choose to buy one.

Although, the more power you use means there is a reduced level of safety. For example, the planer knives/blades move at a rapid pace, so it is important to maintain a high level of care.

In order to put safety first, you can read the safety guidelines of the manufacturer’s manual t know the things to take note of:

  • Unplug the planer when it’s not in use
  • Wear eye, ear, and face protection when using
  • Never wear loose clothing that can be trapped by the knives
  • Do not move the machine when in use
  • Make sure the machine is off before you plug it in
  • Keep your hands away from the blades when the machine is in use

Planer Size

If you have a limited storage space, you should look out for thickness planers that are portable in size since benchtop and other larger models of planers will take up much space but note that they will get the job done faster and are more durable. Look through and get one you can accommodate in your woodworking workshop.


Efficiency is important in woodworking and you will need to outline the project you are working on. Thickness planers aim to be efficient for planning tasks but they don’t function equally. For better outcomes, it is important to know the dimension of the wood you will be planning and the type of wood.

Some thickness planers can’t plane raw wood while others cannot handle a certain type of thickness. If you fail to take note of all these, you might end up buying a thickness planer that won’t suit your needs.


Maintaining a thickness planer is similar to another type of planer. It is not difficult to maintain but it is important for the longevity of your power tool. To do this you should:

  • Sharpen the blades and knives when necessary
  • Keep the engine parts well lubricated
  • Check cords, cables, and other parts to be sure they are in good condition
  • Replace cutting edge
  • Tighten loose bolts when they work themselves free


We all know buying a thickness planer can prove difficult when we have a lot of products to choose from and it becomes overwhelming. This guide is aimed at easing your selection process and making sure you make the right choice that will suit your needs.

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