Brother P-Touch PT-H100 review

The PT-H100 device is the best in the market which helps in printing durable and water-resistant labels for your home, office or business. The basic features which the device has been; there is a one-touch key for formatting the device quickly. There are multiple pre-designed labels which help you to save a lot of your precious time. There is also a cable labeling feature which will help you to keep the wires in your store or house organized.

Features of Brother P-Touch PT-H100

Brother P-touch Easy Hand-Held Label Maker (PT-H100)

  • There is built-in temporary storage which helps you to avoid repetitive tasks or doing the same typing or editing again and again just by a single click of a button.
  • There is also a feature called auto power off which enables the device to go off if the device is in idle for longer than usual period of time.
  • The Brother Tze tapes which come with the device are water-resistant as well as fade resistant. This is the reason you can put it anywhere, be it in the indoors or in the outdoors. They can also withstand extreme conditions of a freezer, microwave or a dishwasher in the kitchen. They can withstand wiping or cleaning and can also withstand abrasion. In fact, the tapes are extremely strong and durable.
  • The Brother Tze tapes for the PT-H100 device brings in twelve different shades. Brother Tze tapes also have a type of special tapes which is suitable for cables and wires, textured areas and photos. And there are also tapes for clothes or uniforms; the tape of this type is made out of fabric which allows you to go on ironing over the tape without melting or spoiling the tape.

Pros of Brother P-touch

  • The wide variety of size, color, and type the Brother Tze tapes offer to you will definitely meet all the needs of the vast population.
  • The Brother P-touch H100 device helps you to customize everything according to your need with the wide variety of fonts (9 fonts), frames (7 frames) and symbols (170 symbols)it comes with.
  • There are also nine preloaded labels which ease your task again. You just need to enter the text and print your label. The labels which come out of this device are extremely stylish.

Quick access hotkeys enable you to get access to the fonts, styles, patterns, and frames just by a single press of the button. The device is ideal for on-the-go use. You can even get some preloaded fonts, frames, and designs from the Deco Mode or Auto Design Formats. The built-in memory can store up to nine different types of labels for your future use.

The device used durable and easy peel Brother Tze tapes which are up to 12mm wide. The tapes are perfect for use in the indoors as well as in the outdoors. The device runs on AAA batteries, the device also has the support of an AC adaptor, but the adaptor does not come bundled with the device.

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