10 Best Chicken Waterer Reviews For Your Animals

When it comes to providing water for chicken, quite a number if a newbie feels it is as easy as putting water in an old dish – the way they feed their dog and cat. Unfortunately, it is not easy. Water is important to all living beings after all – man and animals. Hence, choosing a chicken waterer is a serious business.

Also, when it comes to chicken waterer, one size does not fit all. This is why we have put this helpful guide together to help in guiding you to selecting the best chicken waterer for you and your flocks.

What is Chicken Waterer?

Although some prefer to call it a chicken drinker, it is the device that holds the water meant for your chicken. As indicated above, however, it is not as simple as it sounds. This is due to the fact that the chicken waterer needs to be strategically designed so that the chicken does not trip it over.

Asides, it needs to stay clear of debris and dirt which could easily get into their drinking water. This and many more are the reason why you need to choose the best chicken waterer system for your flocks. All in all, you should go for a chicken waterer that cannot be easily messed up by the chickens, is not prone to gathering dirt, and yet simple and comfortable enough for your chickens to drink from.

11 Best Chicken Waterers Listed

1. ThirstyChick™ Chicken Waterer

ThirstyChick™ Chicken Waterer
ThirstyChick™ Chicken Waterer

If you’ve been searching for a high-quality yet affordable automatic chicken waterer, you needn’t look further than the popular ThirstyChick™.

As chickens drink from the cup, the right amount of water is released ensuring a steady flow of fresh water is always available, without wasting a drop!

Its easy installation, adjustable cup & practical design make the ThirstyChick™ a popular choice amongst hobbyist chicken breeders & large scale poultry farmers alike.

2. Automatic Chicken Waterers with Cups

Pack of 2 - RentACoop Automatic Chicken Water Nipple Cup Waterer Kit for Poultry

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This automatic chicken waterer system is made of high-quality plastic suitable for watering livestock. Red in color, it is appropriate for chick, chicken, bird, quail, duck, parrot etc. Users will enjoy this automatic chicken waterer system as high-quality plastic makes it durable and tough. There is a reduced tendency of breakage when it falls.

It is also easy to use, saves time and reduces labor for farmers. It is simple in operation and convenient for the birds to feed. The parts can be easily dismantled making it very easy to use.


  • This automatic chicken waterer is made of a very strong plastic material
  • The parts can be easily dismantled for cleaning
  • The structure of this automatic chicken waterer is simple and just plain convenient
  • It is suitable for all types of domestic birds like duck, chicken, parrot, quail, chick etc.
  • It improves the effectiveness of breeding


  • A couple of customers complained that the chicken is stupid and doesn’t know how to get the water to come out

3. Automatic Chicken Cage Water Bowl Drinker Waterers

Chicken Drinker, Poultry Automatic Drinker Waterer Drinking Water Bowl Cage Accessories for Small Chicken Use

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This automatic chicken waterer system is made of plastic and comes in either red or white color. There are various types – either a circular drinker or the semi-circular drinker all designed to madisable_button=”yes”ke drinking water an easy task for your birds.

It is suitable for various types of birds like quail, duck, chicken, pigeon etc. It has drinkers with three direct links. They can be cleaned and washed easily. Asides, it also lasts very long. It is easy to install and ensures a continuous supply of water to the birds.


  • It is very cheap
  • It is made of very high-quality materials that cannot be easily broken
  • The chicken waterer is pretty easy to assemble
  • It limits the risk of spread of diseases
  • It saves water
  • It ensures a continuous supply of water to chicken always thereby, increasing egg production of the birds


  • None

4. A Two Gallon Chicken Waterer With Horizontal Nipple Setup

RentACoop 5 Gallon/ 4 Automatic Chicken Nipple Water Cup Chicken Waterer - Center Placement

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Seeking for the best automatic chicken waterer in the market, this Two Gallon Chicken Waterer with Horizontal Nipple Setup is a pure product to consider. It comes as a complete assembly without the need to put the parts together.

It is made from complete food grade and BPA free plastic. The water is supplied to the chicken via a horizontal nipple system. This revolutionary design prevents the bedding of the chicken cage from being wet.


  • It can contain 2 gallons of water comfortably
  • It will take four hens five days to exhaust the whole content
  • It is made with high-quality plastic
  • The design prevents water from getting to the ground
  • The chicken waterer comes as a single unit, no assembly required
  • There is a no – roost cap that stops the hen from roosting on the waterer
  • Refilling is pretty easy – all you have to do is remove the cap
  • It is pretty easy to clean
  • The instruction on how to use this automatic chicken waterer is pretty simple


  • It is not recommended to overfill this chicken waterer to the top as it can stof flowing

5. RentACoop Chicken Waterer

RentACoop Small Cage Waterer- 1 Gallon Capacity for Chicks/Quails/Pigeons/Gamebirds

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Seeking a suitable chicken waterer for your birds, this chicken waterer by RentACoop is one of the best available. It provides enough water to last chicken for days without subjecting them to dehydration.

Chicken, birds etc can get messy and even poop in their water. The RentACoop chicken waterer prevents them from littering and messing up their watering system. It gives a continuous supply of clean water to your fowls and reduces the spread of disease/infections


  • A continuous supply of clean water to your birds
  • High-quality plastic which is safe for birds
  • It is fast and very easy to use
  • The system comes as an already assembled unit
  • You can train your hens to use this RentACoop chicken waterer


  • Removing the lid pose difficulty to some users
  • The con is a bad design

6. Farm Innovators Model HPF-100 Chicken Waterer

Farm Innovators Model HPF-100 "All-Seasons" Heated Plastic Poultry Fountain, 3 Gallon, 100-Watt

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Seeking for a comfortable watering system to feed your chickens, the 2 Gallon Yellow Cup Drinker is a good choice. It can hold enough water for your chicken and birds, enough to keep them hydrated and comfortable all year round.

It was designed to be placed strategically at the corners of the chicken coop. this provides adequate space for the chicken to play around. It is made from top quality plastic that improves durability which does not contaminate the chicken’s water.


  • Chicken cannot roost on the waterer due to the no – roost cap
  • Saves space
  • It is very comfortable for chickens to feed
  • A continuous supply of clean water to chicken
  • Great for ducks, piglets, and chickens alike
  • Easy to set up and prevents dirt from settling in the water


  • Some customers reported spilling over of the waterer

7. Automatic Premium Chicken Waterer Cups with Mounting Hardware

Poultry Waterer Chicken Water Cups Plastic Backyards Chicken Waterer Drinking Cups Bowls,Float Style Gravity Feed Waterers

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Seeking for a classy automatic chicken waterer for your flocks of chicken, the Automatic Premium Chicken Waterer Cups with Mounting Hardware is the best choice. It is a recommended addition to your livestock and helps ensure that water is always available to your girls.

It is made from a high-quality material with a new and contemporary design meant to make drinking water easy and fun for your chicken. It comes with easy to read instruction manual with which you can assemble the Automatic Premium Chicken Waterer Cups.


  • It is made with high-quality materials
  • Supplies clean water to your chicken always
  • Ensures your chicken stays completely hydrated
  • Prevents dirt, debris, and poop from getting to the water
  • Easy to install with a simple installation manual


  • It does not come with a bucket

8. Perky-Pet 783 Mason Jar Wild Bird Waterer

Perky-Pet Mason Jar Wild Bird Waterer 783, Blue

If you need a fancy chicken waterer for your birds, the Perky-Pet 783 Mason Jar Wild Bird Waterer is the best choice. It is very beautiful, made of glass with beautiful aesthetics to make them more appealing to the birds. Beautifully embroidered, it is a nice addition to help decorate your home or backyard.

It is suited for wild birds and best placed in your garden or backyard. It comes in a shiny steel base with several drinking ports through which the birds can suck water. With a circular patch, it is recommended for various types of birds which will make them comfortable while drinking.

The Perky-Pet 783 Mason Jar Wild Bird Waterer comes in a simple design such that filling up the water and cleaning the waterer is very easy. Asides, it can hold up to 32 ounces of water at once thus, reducing the need to keep refilling. It can hang comfortably from trees and poles as a result of the metal hanger that comes with it.


  • It is beautiful in design
  • It’s aesthetically designed to add color to your backyard
  • It is comfortable for the various type of bird to feed on
  • It has several ports to accommodate many birds at a time
  • It reduces the risk of contamination
  • Water gets dispensed slowly via gravity hence, reduced tendency of overflow
  • Refilling, assembling, and disassembly is very easy


  • It’s quite costly

9. Harris Farms 6.25 Gallon EZ Fill Poultry Drinker

Harris Farms Easy-Fill Poultry Drinker Large Flock

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One of the best chicken waterers on our list is made by Harris Farm. Asides being the most preferred choice among many poultry farmers, this Harris Farms 6.25 Gallon EZ Fill Poultry Drinker is the largest in our list. This is due to the fact that it can accommodate as much as 6.25 gallons of water.

People with huge flocks of bird will find the Harris Farms 6.25 Gallon EZ Fill Poultry Drinker very useful. The large size reduces the need to continuously refill the waterer. It is well able to accommodate as much as 90 chickens without a glitch.


  • It holds a large amount of water – 6.25 gallons
  • It is made from BPA plastic – a safe and durable plastic for the birds
  • It reduces the constant need to refill your chicken waterer
  • Cleaning and refilling this chicken waterer is very easy
  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Weighing 3.3 pounds, it is pretty heavy if you want to carry it around

10. Lil’ Clucker Large Automatic Filling Poultry Waterer Cups

Lil' Clucker Large Automatic Filling Poultry Waterer Cups (4 Pack) and Leg Bands (20 Assorted Colors) | Auto Watering Drinker System for Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys etc. | Water Feeder Kit

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Seeking for the best chicken waterer to be used for your birds outdoors, the Lil’ Clucker Large Automatic Filling Poultry Waterer Cups is the best choice. This is an automatic chicken waterer that is 24 inches long can hold as much as 1.625 gallons of water comfortably.

Since it is meant for outdoor use, it can be connected to the garden hose, removing the need for a daily filling. It has the capacity to feed a lot of chickens from both sides of the trough. It is easy to assemble, made of high-quality materials that will serve you for a long time.

This Lil’ Clucker Large Automatic Filling Poultry Waterer Cups is the best choice for you if you are tired of constantly filling up your chicken waterer. Not only does it work effectively for chickens, but other poultry animals like turkey, ducks, quail, and duck.


  • With a solid base, chances of tripping over are reduced
  • It can feed a large number of birds
  • It is perfect and ideal for outdoor use
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Detaching is also pretty easy
  • The water trough is protected from UV rays


  • It is expensive yet effective

11. Harris Farms Plastic Poultry Drinker

Harris Farms Plastic Poultry Drinker, 5 Quart

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This chicken waterer from Harris farm can be cleaned, filled and maintained easily without a glitch. It comes with a long-lasting fountain with poultry drinkers. It is made with high-quality plastic that lasts very long and very ideal for small flocks.

This is a very cheap poultry drinker that can hold as much as 3.5 gallons of water. The twist-lock system allows the farmer to easily fill the water by turning the green button on it upside down. It has a comfortable handle with which you can easily move this chicken waterer.


  • It last long
  • It can be easily carried about
  • It is made of a transparent plastic unit that allows you to know what is left in the container without opening it
  • It can handle a large number of birds comfortably
  • It can easily be removed and refilled
  • It is made with high-quality plastics that are durable
  • It is cheap


  • If a Cow steps on it, it’s done

How Much Water Does the Chicken require?

The Best Chicken Waterer Reviews 2018
The Best Chicken Waterer Reviews 2018

Before heading to the market in search for the most appropriate chicken waterer for your flocks, it is important to know how much water will keep your flocks healthy, happy and productive. Although one might think chickens do sip just a little from time to time, it is surprising to note that they consume more than half a liter per day, and in hot days, they drink up to a liter.

Hence, it is ideal to have at least a liter of water per day for each bird. Asides, it should be clean and readily available. Asides, the recommended idea is to have different chicken waterers at strategic locations in your chicken house. This will prevent the chicken from being stranded should something go wrong with any of the feeder.

Where Should I place my Chicken Waterer?

Where Should I place my Chicken Waterer?
Where Should I place my Chicken Waterer?

It is not enough to know how to choose the best chicken waterer for your chicken. It is also not enough to have many chicken waterers for your flocks. You have got to how to select the best spot for your chicken waterer. Ideally, a cool place, protected from heat and free from the chicken poop is recommended.

This is ideal to prevent the chicken waterer from being infected with dirt and getting disrupted by the elements. As discussed earlier, you also need extra waterer set up in a strategic place as well to make sure your feathered livestock never runs out of the water.

How to Choose the Best Chicken Waterer

How to Choose the Best Chicken Waterer
How to Choose the Best Chicken Waterer

There are many things to consider when choosing a chicken waterer. However, one of the most important things to have in mind is how long you want the water to last for before having to refill. Although, the best option is to have water supplied directly from the mains, this high not be possible for everyone.

While many people might feel a large waterer will last longer, there are still other factors one need to consider before making a selection. Any poultry farmer will agree that water is critical for livestock’s – bird especially. Asides, as discussed above, the location of the chicken waterer is also important.

During the hot afternoon, birds tend to be restless. They tend to move around and seek areas that have shade, not directly under the heat of the sun. This is why one needs to place drinkers at strategic places so that wherever the poultries go, they can access water wherever they are.

With this in mind, we would like to explain the most critical factors one should keep in mind in selecting the most appropriate chicken waterer that will serve your birds.

  • Size and Dimensions

With a doubt, the size of the chicken waterer is about one of the most important things to consider in making a choice. Not only the size but the dimension as it should make sense for your chicken coop. This is important in order to guard against getting a chicken watering system that might not eventually fit through the coop door. Also, one might end up buying an excessively large chicken waterer that will take too much space, leaving the birds uncomfortable.

Asides, you should also think about the number of time you hope to refill your chicken waterer. With a larger waterer, you will need to refill less time obviously. Yet, you can only use a large waterer should you have enough space. If you are however practicing a deep litter system, a large chicken waterer is definitely a good idea.

  • Design and materials

Most of the time, plastic and galvanized steel are the best materials to use in making a chicken waterer. Both materials are appropriate and recommended. But if your birds are in the sun, you should not use galvanized steel. This is because the sun will definitely heat up the water making the water hot for the chickens.

The traditional open bowl design is highly recommended. Although, there are new models that employ vacuum pressure to channel water via a small lip where the chickens can be made to drink from.

  • Size of Your Poultry

It is very critical to make sure that all the birds in your poultry can access the water anytime. In order words, your chicken waterer should cater for small and large birds such that they all drink considerably without stress.

Thus, if the size of your poultry is very large, we recommend a chicken waterer that is broad and large enough to accommodate a large number of birds drinking at the same time. Also, if you have small size birds, you need a small waterer that is comfortable for them, while limiting the chance of drowning.

  • Heating

Irrespective of the time and season, flocks require a steady supply of water. In the winter, for instance, you need the best-heated chicken waterer to give your flocks the required heat. This type of chicken waterer is very good as it ensures that it can be used regardless of the season.

Types of Materials Used in Chicken Waterers

There are three essential materials in making a chicken waterer – we have the plastic, glass, and metals. Glass chicken waterers are recommended for chicks in the form of a jam jar. As soon as your chicken outgrows the jam jar, they should proceed to use either metal or plastic to drink water.

  • Metal:

Metals used as a chicken waterer comes in the galvanized form. They come in various forms and sizes – small types that can fit a corner. This type is suitable for three to four hens.

There is also a small bucket type. You fill this and rest it on the side so the chickens drink water easily.

There are larger units that have up to 2, 4, and 5 and at times 8-gallon units. They are made to be hung with a chain to a strong and steady part of the chicken house.

One advantage of the galvanized metal chicken waterer is that they are very durable. Thus, while they are more expensive than the plastic model, it is an investment worth it.

  • Plastic Waterers

Plastic waterers are also very common and come in various sizes and shapes. There are sizes recommended for the small chicks and larger versions to suit adult hen, ducks, and other feathered farm animals. They are light, comfortable, and convenient to use. The disadvantage, however, is that they wear out with time.

This will happen once you notice the coloring starts fading, and with time, the container starts to leak and eventually breaks!

It is important to note that there are many types of plastic. There is a strong plastic with a rigid build that is prone to cracking during extremely cold weather. However, thick plastics with the more malleable structure are quite rigid

Important Rules for Effective Chicken Waterer

The Best Chicken Waterer Reviews 2018
The Best Chicken Waterer Reviews 2018

The following rules will help you get the most of your chicken waterer

  1. Use the right poultry drinker. While a bowl or bucket will work, it is not the best as it comes with its cons. Asides, it is not ideal as a permanent option. Also, consider the fact that chicks might drown and there could be dirt and other contamination.
  2. Place the chicken waterer such that it does not tip-off. Also, it should not be positioned such that it cannot be contaminated with debris or poop. The best way to achieve this is via hanging or placing the waterer on an elevated height, not too far away from the reach of the chicks though.
  3. Every day, make sure all birds can get at least a liter of water
  4. Make sure there is a backup waterer in another location accessible to the birds as well. This is necessary should there be an issue with the main one. This will prevent the birds from being dehydrated. It also helps should you have shy birds that prefer to drink in a separate place.
  5. Make sure the chicken waterer is kept in a cool place. This helps make the water cool to drink and also combat the formation of algae. Also, prevent the container from getting sunlight!

Types of Chicken Waterers

A lot of Chicken Waterer exists in the market and they come in various sizes, styles, designs, and shapes. As a result, it is not a simple task to select the most appropriate chicken waterer for your flocks. One thing you have to know is that chicken waterer has various mechanisms with which they dispense water to the flock. However, they are all after the same thing – to give your chickens the ability to reach the water easily without dirt and limit the possibility of the water tripping.

Of the many types of chicken waterer in the market today, I will discuss the three most common

  • Bucket, Trough, or Container

Open containers are pretty easy and fine to use for birds and chicken to drink from. However, the cons of these types of containers outweigh the pros. Maintaining and keeping the container clean could prove difficult. Also, for the chickens to reach the water, it should be low enough to accommodate their mouth. This limits the height with which the bucket can be raised. Asides, as the water reduces, it becomes difficult for the birds to drink comfortably.

As a result, the bucket chicken waterer should be shallow enough to allow for easy access to the water. Here is the con again; the chicken has a high tendency of messing up the water. One can, however, overcome this by using a shallow trough.

  • Self – contained Water Dispensers (Standard)

This is the most common type of chicken waterer used among poultry farmers. They are manually filled and can hold water from 500 mils to 10 liters.

The standard waterer has a shallow lip near the base of the container. This makes the birds access the water easily and drink. This is because the top of the container is closed. With this, it can conveniently be hung from the roof preventing dirt and debris from contaminating the water. It is ideal for small flocks.

  • Automatic Chicken Waterers

Automatic chicken waterer exists in various types. However, all these broad types come in two categories:

  1. Those fed from a personal water source such as a drum
  2. Those with water supplied from the main water source like a storage tank

Of course, the first option is recommended. It is not a good idea to hook your chicken n to the main source of water. The reason is obvious – it cost extra to set up and install such a system. All the components like the pipe, pipe blowouts, leaks, pressure reducers are just unnecessary costs that end up making the whole project expensive.

With automatic chicken waterer, cup or nipple drinkers are used. We recommend using good quality parts like the European lube cup not minding the cost. Although there are cheap poultry cups, they are just not durable.

It is important to note that almost all cup and nipple drinkers do have a pressure threshold. The implication of this is that if they are connected to a hose from a large container such as a water tank, there should be a pressure reducer. This is necessary to prevent the drinkers from leaking.

Cup and nipple drinkers are the best for the chicken waterer. The reason is obvious –

  • They are easy to maintain
  • They hardly get dirty
  • Risk of contaminating the water is low
  • Maintenance required is low
  • And they are very, very durable.


We have examined the best chicken waterer reviews available in the market. Our honest reviews have provided the pros and cons as well as the features each chicken waterer provides to users. Before heading to shop for the most appropriate chicken waterer for your flocks, make sure you know what you want and consider your budget.

Also, we have examined various factors to consider before selecting the most suitable chicken waterer for your flocks. We hope this guide helps you make an informed decision in getting the best chicken waterer for your flocks

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