Easy Cement Garden Rocks

Give Your Yard Rocks a Make-Over

You might have read about a technique where you can take baking pans, foil pans and similar things to make your own stepping stones for your garden. Those are nice, and not that much trouble, but you can create a simpler version to create your own flower and plant markers or even a welcome sign. Use rocks from your own yard – or another source – to make those things and much more!

Big rocks, small rocks, it isn’t difficult to find rocks! You probably have some in your yard and they likely don’t look that decorative. They will, though, when you give those rocks a make-over. Use quick cement mix from a home improvement store and those ugly rocks will become new yard and garden décor that you’ll love!

Powdered cement mix is sold in various sizes of bags. A small bag is not expensive and the cement is easy to mix. Be sure to read the label so that you purchase cement which mixes with only water and sets up quickly.

Choose the rocks you want to use and clean them well. Position the rock so that it will sit level and use the smoothest side you can find as the front. Clean the rock with a stiff brush to remove any dirt. If you want, wash the rock well and allow to dry for hours so that it’s completely clean and ready to decorate.

Mix a small amount of the cement in a disposable bowl making sure you follow package instructions. Use a plastic knife, old spatula, an old credit card or similar item to smooth the cement across the face of the rock.

Use a clean stick or other implement to write, draw or make designs in the cement. Write the names of flowers and plants on small rocks and lay one at each end of a garden row to identify them. Or, write “Welcome” or another message on the rock. These can be set on a porch or beside steps to the door. Write children’s names on flat rocks and place them throughout the garden.

Depending upon the size and shape of the rocks you use you can create any number of designs. Besides writing and drawing on the cement you can also insert fake jewels, shells, pebbles, sea glass or other objects into the wet cement.

Easy Cement Garden Rocks
Easy Cement Garden Rocks

The finished rocks look nice on a deck, in the yard or garden, on the edges of steps, around trees and other places. If you know someone who loves gardening they also make great gifts. Purchase the smallest bag of the powdered cement and you’ll be able to create a huge amount of the decorative rocks!

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