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How to choose food dryer?

It’s mid-summer. Weather is slowly getting colder, and soon we will have a winter again. It means we need to prepare for it. I hope you have made all frozen products for winter, like dills, carrots, rhubarbs, onions, etc.

Today I will write about a “box” or device which helps to dry fruits, vegetables, berries or mushrooms faster and better than if you are doing it in the sun. With this device, you can dry all these delicious things not matter what weather and time outside is. You just need a power. The best thing about this dryer is that it’s drying it fast, flies and dust can’t get on food, and all nutrients and vitamins are stored without almost any loss.

In this article, you will learn what this dryer is and what are cons and pros using this dryer and not another machine.

How to choose food dryer
How to choose food dryer

How to dry fruits and vegetables without nutrition loss?

Dryers for fresh fruit and vegetables are also working as their dehydrators, allows you to dry fruits a lot faster that in a natural way. Using this device is also a natural way, and it’s not using any chemicals, etc. I think that anything where you involve machines is not a natural way. Am I right?

Ok, with this dryer you can dry chopped fruits, chopped vegetables, herbs, candies, handmade bread, meat and also fish. If you are on a raw food diet or just another else healthy diet, this dryer is must have in your home.

There are more examples what you can dry in this device:

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Mushrooms
  • Flowers, flower petals;
  • Medicinal herbs, spices, and decoration;
  • Edible flowers (eg, nasturtium flowers);
  • Vandy;
  • Bread;
  • Chips;
  • Biscuits;
  • Meat and fish (pre-marinated before drying).

There are two types of drying – vertical and horizontal. Each type has its pluses and minuses. In simple shops and household shops, you can buy simple and quite affordable models for example – Ronco. But if you need to dry a lot of products and do it more often it is better to look for more expensive devices in specialty stores or malls. High-end devices for example – Excalibur

Here is a great video analysis of Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator

Let’s go to the next topic: How to choose right dryer? On what else you should pay attention before buying a dryer?


1. Buy a dryer with a temperature control. Check the lowest possible temperature, and you need at least 30c-35c. At 40C you will dry flowers, vegetables, berries, mushrooms. At ~60C you will dry meat and fish.

2. Think about how much you will want to dry. If you plan to dry a lot, it’s better you to choose a vertical dryer. You can add as many plates as you want, which you can’t do it on a horizontal dryer.

3. Please note that the dryer gives a slight noise. During the day it is not so noticeable but at night the noise from the fans will be a little louder and will not be comfortable. If the kitchens door is closed or it’s far away from the bedrooms, you can leave the equipment to work at night too.

4. Also, note that all rooms will be filled with the aroma from drying. At the beginning, it will smell excellent but after few hours your head will hurt. At least mine did it.

5. Think about these two features – a possibility to make yogurt and defrosting.

6. Check the size of a dryer. Think about a space where you will put it.

Eat healthy food and be healthy! If you have any questions, comment! 🙂

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