NEVAJAG Guide to Garden Shopping in the Fall

Clean Up and Prepare Your Landscaping for the Changing Seasons

Fall in the garden means more than just falling leaves. Many gardeners find Fall a busy time of cleaning up summer overgrowth, planting for fall color and vegetables, and prepping lawns and patios for the changing seasons.

Fall Pruning and Composting made Easy with Tools

Fall often begins with the harvest and clean-up of the vegetable garden. Sturdy gloves such as Wells Lamont Leather Garden Gloves and sharp Fiskars pruning shears and loppers from Lowes make short work of overgrown vines, shrubs, and trees. Don’t forget to compost the foliage and waste in an Exaco Trading Co. Earthmaker Composter from Home Depot. Stock up on contractor bags and a new rake for the falling leaves.

Mulch Vegetable Gardens and Plant for Fall Harvest

A good layer of steer manure and mulch in the vegetable plot will help the soil renew and be ready for spring planting. But you don’t have to wait all winter for fresh veggies. Pick the sunniest spot of your vegetable patch and pitch a Starter House Portable Greenhouse from Target. Inside you can plant fall and winter growing vegetables such as Kale, Swiss Chard, Beets, Spinach and Broccoli.

Fertilizer Lawns and Plant for Fall Color

Guide to Garden Shopping in the Fall
Guide to Garden Shopping in the Fall

Cool season lawns found in the Northern climates do best with a water-insoluble formula fertilizer such as Scotts Turf Builder. Apply in the Fall and again in the Spring. Plant for Fall color with Asters, Butterfly bush, and Lantana which all come in a variety of colors and bloom through the Fall. Spanish Lavender and Rosemary sport purple blooms and are drought tolerant once established. Sedum “Autumn Joy” and Yarrow are both drought tolerant and offer long blooming dense flower-heads.

Prepare Patio Furniture and Store Summer Items

With clean-up in full swing be sure to prepare the patio as well. Patio furniture covers wrap the entire set as one piece and protect furniture against inclement weather and stains from falling debris. Fall is a great time to purchase a storage or garden shed such as the Suncast Verticle Garden Shed to tidy up and hide-away unused items.

Enjoy Fall in the Garden with Patio Ambiance

Don’t let the threat of cooler weather keep you from enjoying your garden. Warm up your outdoor space with a Black Hammered Patio Heater from Target or a Fire Sense Deluxe Aluminum Chiminea – fireplace from Home Depot. A bit of warmth will encourage family and friends to gather and enjoy the changing colors and peaceful space of the Fall garden.

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