Home Air Check Surface – A Multi-type Mold Test Kit Review

Home Air Check Surface – A Multi-type Mold Test Kit Review

This test from Home Aircheck is an advanced one; it covers about 2,000 square feet and is also pretty easy to use. You get a sampling pump and some tubes to attach to it, the pump suck in air through the tubes to collect air samples.


Only Home Air Check offers an easy-to-use test kit, an accredited laboratory, and easy-to-understand results you can act on for cleaner, healthier air. The air samples you collect will be sent back to the manufacturers for lab testing; there it will be thoroughly analyzed. The lab in question is AHIA-accredited, it is a professional one that gives verifiable results.

Surface Dust, VOCs, Active Mold, Formaldehyde Tests - Indoor Air Quality by Home Air Check

There is an included box where the samples will be put in and you pay no money for sending as it is postage-paid. You also won’t pay for the lab test; lab analysis is free as the fee for it is covered upon purchase.

After lab testing, the manufacturers will send you a detailed report and this happens within 5 days. If you have difficulties with comprehending the information on the result, you can contact the manufacturers via phone or e-mail and you will be cleared.

The kit can be used just once, it is for single use only and if you wish to test some other area, getting more than one would be the best option.

Home Air Check Surface Review


  • Ideal for testing air
  • Easy to use
  • Covers 2,000 Square feet
  • Free lab test
  • AHIA-Certified Lab


  • Cannot test surfaces


This kit is functional in testing the air for mold and other harmful allergens that might be present though it is to be used just once. Using it is easy and the samples you sent will be tested in an AHIA-accredited lab for detailed analysis so you can rely on the results. The manufacturers also provide you with information on how you can improve your indoor air quality.

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