VEVOR Vinyl Cutter 14-Inch Plotter Machine Review

VEVOR Vinyl Cutter 14-Inch Plotter Machine Review

If you are the type of person who loves making crafts, then you may want to invest in a high-quality vinyl cutter. This machine is very versatile and you can use it in making stickers, cutting out shapes for use in other items, and making silkscreens for t-shirts as well as other projects.

Today, there are myriads of vinyl cutters on the market. As a result, choosing the best one that will suit your needs and budget can be very challenging.

When it comes to the best vinyl cutters, one of the best options that you can consider is the VEVOR vinyl cutter 14-inch plotter machine. The good thing about this product is that it is beneficial in many ways.

Can’t decide whether you should buy this machine or not? If yes, then read on because in this content we will reveal what VEVOR vinyl cutter has to offer.

VEVOR Vinyl Cutter 14-Inch Plotter Machine: Features and Specifications

VEVOR Vinyl Cutter

This 14-inch vinyl cutter has a maximum paper feed of 13.18 inches (350 mm). What’s more, its cutting width is 11. 2 inches (285 mm).

On the other hand, the VEVOR vinyl cutter offers flexible cutting experience. As a matter of fact, it has a cutting force of 10 to 500 grams and cutting speed of 10mm to 800mm per second. Both the speed and force can be adjusted.

Similar to other cutting machines out there, this one also features a backlight LCD display that allows you to handle the entire cutting process with ease. It also has big control panel buttons. Even so, the digital readout will make for precise and precise setting. It will allow you to cut customized, professional signs and designs with cutting machine, providing you the capability to make use of your custom artwork, fonts, and even draw your personal shapes.

Furthermore, it comes equipped with two pinch rollers. And these rollers can be modified on the guide rail based on various paper width.

However, keep in mind that this machine is not suitable for the MAC system. But you can use it in different Windows operating systems such as 7, 8, 10, XP, and vista, In fact, it also works on PC that is Pentium-based.

Additionally, its Roland companionable blade holder will give access to most economical blades that are currently available on the market. With regards to the software, it uses the basic version of SignMaster. With this software, you will be able to design, edit, and cut projects that already exist.


  • Offers flexible cutting
  • Uses SIGNMASTER software
  • Works on Windows Operating systems
  • Adjustable cutting force and speed


  • Not compatible with MAC Systems

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Anyone looking for the best and reliable vinyl cutter will surely find VEVOR vinyl cutter 14-inch plotter machine worthy. This unit comes in handy and allows you to do your cutting activities with ease and more rapidly. However, if you are looking for a vinyl cutter that is compatible with MAC systems, unfortunately, this is not for you.

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