How to store onions for the winter

Onions, as same as potatoes, carrots and tomatoes are national food. Every vegetable has it’s own ways how to store them properly. This time, I will try to explain how to store onions as long as possible so after colder weather or winter you can take them out and eat as fresh.

Best way to store onions at the home

Fresh spring and green onions won’t store for a long time. You can keep them in a refrigerator for a couple of weeks or days, but not longer. I suggest to eat them fresh or eat them within a month.

At first, you need to harvest onions at the right time and after harvesting, you need to harden them. Best time to harvest them is when the sprouts have fallen back. After proper harvesting, you need to cure them. Curing dries the skin of the bulb so it will not be vulnerable to rot and mold. So put them on a dry surface, like paper or old clothes. Do it in a single layer only! Let them dry up to 3 weeks until their tops are dry and skin is falling off. After they are cured there are few ways to store them.

How to store onions
How to store onions

How to store onions

1. Cut off the tops and cut off any spot or piece that shows signs of decay or have softer spots. Bulbs with thick tops don’t store as well as others, so work with them first. Put them in a basket or crate. Make sure there is airflow! Put this basket in a dry and cool (not cool looking, but cold) place. Best storing temperature is 33 to 42 F. (0-5 C.)

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2. My grandma stored onions in an old nylon stocking. She made a knot between each bulb and hung this nylon bag somewhere in a dry place.
Stockings allow air to circulate, and you can cut off a knot every time you need an onion. The storing location must be low in humidity. If location is humid, onions will rot.

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Hope this information will help you! These are my ways how I store onions and my grandma did and mom does. If you have a better idea, tell me in comments. 🙂

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