Knife & Scissors Sharpeners by Smith’s Edge

Electric & Manual Sharpener & Honing Steel for Knives and Scissors

The Edge Experts since 1886, Smith’s Edge has been providing exceptional sharpening instruments to hunters and gourmet cooks alike. Originally a small stone company located in Arkansas, Smith’s is now one of the leading sharpening tool suppliers, selling knife sharpeners at all price ranges from a low of $5.99 to a high of $119.99.

Smith’s Counter Safe Deluxe Knife and Scissors Sharpener

Smith's 50090 Edge Pro Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener, Gray

As far as manual knife sharpeners go, this state-of-the-art kitchen tool not only sharpens straight and serrated knives but also right and left-handed scissors! Its carbide blades and ceramic stones make for perfectly sharpened and honed knives and scissors that are razor-sharp and ready to cut through any slab of meat! It also comes with a counter guard which is a smart feature to help protect the countertops from damage. At $17.98, this is one of Smith’s Edge’s best manual knife and scissors sharpener in this price range. Highly recommended!

Oval Ceramic Sharpening Rod

Smith’s 9″ Oval Ceramic Sharpening Rod can do anything a traditional rod can do only better. The handguard and non-slip tip are nice touches, making this sharpening rod safer to use than most on the market today. The retail price of $14.98 is very reasonable for a quality honing rod like this.

Ceramic Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener

Smith’s Edge is known for its easy-to-use comfortable handles and non-slip rubber feet, and this sharpener lives up to its promise. It is so easy to use! The handle is ergonomically designed making it fit like a glove. The Ceramic Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener sharpens both serrated bread knives and straight edge professional chef’s knives with fine and extra-fine sharpness. $12.98 is a small price to pay for a sharpener of this quality.

Smith’s Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener

This lightweight sharpener is small and cute, but definitely up to the task. It has Smith’s famous rubber non-slip feet and a V-Grip bottom to help secure it to the counter, and a comfy handle for easy sharpening. Considering it has carbide blades and ceramic rods, at just $5.98, it’s one of the least expensive sharpeners on the market. Buy two and give one away!

“Be an Edge Expert”

Smith’s Edge’s tag line, “Be an Edge Expert” has been serving them well since 1886. Their website is easy to navigate with an enormous amount of information and photos. They not only teach you how to use their sharpeners correctly and safely, but how to purchase the right sharpener for the right job as well. Replacement parts, blades, and stones are also available. Smith’s knife sharpeners can be found in a variety of venues, from sporting goods and hardware stores to upscale gourmet kitchen shops. Call them at 800-221-4156 or find Smith’s Edge online at

The Downside?

Smith’s Edge has the market covered when it comes to their knife sharpeners. They don’t however, sell knives or suggest which knives to use. Perhaps in the future, they’ll see the need to perfect their line by offering high quality chef knives, French knives, and serrated bread knives that complement their sharpeners.

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