Moonstone Lighting for Your Garden

The Newest Achievement in LED Technology

Moonstone lighting is a relatively new invention in the arena of outdoor lighting and has been recently perfected by Avago Technologies. As of this writing, there is relatively little known about this product and virtually no other Analysis exist. So this is it, folks. Moonstone lighting is a new super low-profile LED light module.

One older version, out of the UK, has them on the front of a small box module, which is then embedded into a wall. Avago’s new product, which I will detail here, has their new moonlights on strips in one of the three designs: rings, circles, and straight strips.

Abago Technologies has been a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of analog interface components and provide an extensive range of analog, mixed signal, and optoelectronics components. The company began with Hewlett-Packard over 40 years ago, but now they run their own operations from their headquarters in Denmark.

The Moonstone lighting is a feat of technology because of the bright light emitted from the LED from low power. Power modules range from 1-15 W and can produce up to 1140 lumens/watt. The Moonstone series, just introduced in April 2008 provides a reliable and bright source of cool and warm white light that is used primarily for architectural, outdoor, and garden design.

Some of the features of these lights are their plug and play assembly for ease of installation, high light output, low profile design, wide radiation pattern, integrated heat sink for thermal management, long life, high reliability, and low thermal resistance.

Avago's Moonstone lighting
Avago’s Moonstone lighting

In garden design, the possibilities are endless. The Moonstone lighting can be used sparingly for ambiance or in higher levels to provide true lighting. Some ideas include using the strip lighting to define walkways. Strips of the LEDs can be placed on either side of walkways to provide a clear nighttime path and also view of the surrounding garden.

They can also be used on walls and overhangs to provide lighting for viewing the garden. They can be interspersed depending on how bright you want the light and also depending on the pattern. The straight strips can be used to create many designs, if you wish a box or zigzag pattern. The rings can be used for interesting circular designs and patterns. While the circle Moonstone strip is circular, the lighting arrangement is not, so these are more like bright dots of light that can be used to create large patterns and designs of your choosing.

To find a distributor of Avago’s Moonstone lighting, please visit their website. Chances are that you do not have a contract with them and you will need to locate the nearest licensed distributor in your region to buy this lighting. Even though, right now it requires some work to get the Moonstone lighting, it is well worth the effort.

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