Plant a Welcoming Garden Path

Planting a garden path along a walkway creates a chance to fill a border garden with low growing perennials and annuals. Plants recommended for garden paths path are low growing, have pretty flowers and interesting foliage that is attractive from spring until fall. Many of the plants have an intriguing aroma, which is released as they are brushed against, welcoming visitors with a whiff of their aroma, a fresh perfumed fragrance.

Garden paths can be planted anywhere within the garden, from one area to another, along the patio as a border and along the pathway to the door of the house.
The plants on this list include flowers and herbs which will be beautiful all summer long and make the walk down the garden path delightful.

Following are some excellent plants to grace the garden path.

Artemisias. Silver mound Artemisia: Ornamental plant with silver-white foliage.

Astilbes. Perennial plants produces plumes on soft textured upstanding stems. The feathery spikes of color grace the garden from late spring to summer. The plumes come in a variety of colors, including white, pink and red.

Bergenias. Perennial plant with handsome clumps of rounded, cabbage like leaves which are topped by rounded clusters of pink flowers in early spring.

Bloody Cranesbill. Geranium family.

Candytuft. Hardy perennials or annuals. Plants from the cabbage family with tiny four sepaled flowers in clusters. Good in borders and rock beds, the plants have flowers in shades of white, pink and red.

Catmints. Easy to grow perennials with tiny flowers in shades of lavender, purple, violet or white.

Pinks – Dianthus. Dianthus are a flower that has graced gardens for centuries. The small flowers come in a variety of colors including red, purple, magenta, red, pink and white.

Coral Bells. There are 5 varieties of Coral Bells. The foliage can range from green to bronze. Stems of tiny blooms rise up about e the clumps of leaves that are heart shaped or rounded or ragged edged. The blooms come in a variety of colors, as well, including white, pink, coral, red and salmon. the plants like afternoon shade.

Heron’s Bill.

Hybrid Sage.

Lady’s Mantles. Long growing perennials have tiny chartreuse colored flowers with soft pleated leaves.

Lamb’s Ear. Perennials with furry silver-grey leaves

Lavenders. Fragrant lavender releases it’s unique scent when brushed against. There are different varieties. Stems of lavender colored blooms rise above spiky foliage. Perennial.

Lesser Periwinkle.

Lesser Periwinkle.
Lesser Periwinkle.

Phlox. Phlox have heads of multiple blooms that come in red, pink, salmon, lavender or purple. There are 70 varieties of Phlox that range fro 4 inches to 18 inches.

Plumbago – Leadwort.

Sea Pink – Common Thrift.

Spotted Deadnettle. Hardy perennial, 8 to 10 inches tall, with whorl’s of 3/4 inch long two-lipped flowers and handsome variegated leaves.

Strawberry Begonia.

Sweet Woodruff. Charming ground cover that thrives in shade. The plant has dainty clusters of white starry-shaped flowers.


Many of the plants on this list are perennials, which are give you pleasure year after year. Planting annuals in the spaces around the perennials can give maximum color and flower blooms in the space along the garden path.

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