Protection Against Identity Theft by Locking Mailboxes in Residential Areas

While theft may be present everywhere in the world, identity theft is a growing crime and one of the most pressing concerns of the country. Unguarded mailboxes are raided by thieves who want to earn instant money. This is precisely why protection is essential to ensure that no one has his identity stolen. One way to protect you is through using locking mailbox.

Purchasing locking mailboxes for residential areas can be as flexible as buying your clothes. You can basically choose what size, color, shape and design you want in your residential mailboxes. When choosing, it is first and foremost very important to use a material for the locking mailboxes in residential areas that are agreeable with the climate you have. Stainless steel is the preferred material since it can handle weather conditions involving water like snow and rain. It is also made of steel, making it more durable compared to the other materials.

Protection Against Identity Theft by Locking Mailboxes in Residential Areas
Protection Against Identity Theft by Locking Mailboxes in Residential Areas

Another factor in choosing the perfect secure mailboxes is the size of your daily mails. Since the locking mailboxes in residential areas will hold all your mail, it is important that the mailbox is spacious enough for at least two day’s worth of mail. You don’t want the post man to be crushing your papers and mail inside the s mailboxes just because the mails can’t fit. Before buying, you can also check online for the different prices of the residential locking mailboxes. Since there are several of them, you can choose the specific type you want and at the price you can afford.

Basically there are two kinds of mailboxes with locks that actually differ. One is the column mounted mailbox. This mailbox is basically installed on walls or columns. The next one is the roadside mailbox. This is the most commonly used since they are along the way of the postmen. This makes the work easier for them. Know how do locking mailboxes actually work.

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Locking wall mounted mailboxes are basically the same as the column mailboxes. The only difference is that these mailboxes are usually installed beside the front door. The next two residential locking mailboxes are basically the same since both of them have the same features as the one stated above, but were made using strong materials. These mailboxes are the curbside mail boss placed roadside and the wall mounted mail boss installed on walls.

These are just some other factors to consider when buying residential locking mailboxes. The choices are diverse to fit you and other buyers while at the same time, helping you to preserve your identity. Depending on the style of mailbox you purchase you’ll have to pay for shipping which can add up but even if you were to purchase these locally you would have to pay for movers or technicians to set up the mailbox in many cases.

Additionally, a good tip you should follow is calling your local post office to make sure that they are able to deliver your mails. For example, if you plan on setting up a bank of mailboxes that will have many recipients, access to the rear loading of the mailboxes will have to be given to the post office to deliver the mail, this will usually require a key provided with the mailboxes.

Column mounted mailbox - Protection Against Identity Theft by Locking Mailboxes in Residential Areas
Column mounted mailbox – Protection Against Identity Theft by Locking Mailboxes in Residential Areas

How To Discourage Mail Theft?

  • Take outgoing mail containing personal information to a locked drop box or to the post office. Never leave it in the mailbox.
  • Get the postal service warning to mail thieves sticker in addition to place it on the mailbox.
  • Never leave mail in the mailbox overnight or when traveling away from home for even one day.
  • Keep watch in the neighborhood for suspicious activity.
  • Research steel locking mailboxes.
  • A lot of steel locking mailboxes on the market today are easily pried open, phished by hand and lock picked simply with a screwdriver.
  • You need to decide a locking mailbox constructed of thick, ¼ inch steel (2 gauge) along with know that it cannot be pried or bashed open.
  • Determine the size of box that holds the required amount of mail – a week,or the 2 weeks,or a month.
  • Decide if a mailbox that accommodates packages is necessary. Such kind of package box can be equipped with a mail slot as well as a package compartment.
  • Choose a pick-proof lock such as a tumbler tubular lock, not one like is used for exterior doors and padlocks. Only the mailbox owner has the key to his mailbox.

Then, sit back in addition to smile. Mail thieves cannot ever get any mail from such a mailbox. The owners of heavy duty steel locking mailboxes know for a surety that they have not only discouraged mail theft, they have prevented mail theft. Such a secure mailbox is the last mailbox the owner will ever need to buy.


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