Recommended Plants for Gardening in St. Louis, Missouri

The Midwest has it all. Rain, snow, extensive heat and varying amounts of humidity are all typical weather conditions for Missouri. In St. Louis Missouri, heat waves and cold fronts regularly run through the city, making it rough to decide which variety of plants will grow best in your garden.

From personal experience, I’ve found that choosing plants known for their versatility and hardiness is best when it come to the survival of new plants.

I’ve found that Hostas are able to withstand the heat of Missouri, but really thrive in the shade. Currently my Hostas are in direct sunlight but I am water them frequently to keep them cool during the hottest summer days. When the plant is still young I make sure to water it frequently to keep the leaves from turning brown from the sun. Hostas are perennials which come in a rich variety of colors, just remember that they take several years to fully mature.

Don’t have a lot of shade in your garden? No problem. Plant flowers such as Marigolds and Sunflowers. Both thrive in St. Louis heat, yet are hardy enough to withstand a short cold spell.

Recommended Plants for Gardening in St. Louis, Missouri
Recommended Plants for Gardening in St. Louis, Missouri

I recommend planting Marigold immediately after the last frost date. The average last frost date for St. Louis is April 6th, but I would call a local gardening center such as Garden Heights Nursery to see the predictions for the year. Marigold colors range from yellow to a mix of orange. Place them where they will receive a good portion of sun and you will see them thrive.

Sunflowers are perfect for the St. Louis area. From midsummer through fall you can see their beautiful bloom. This hardy plant is easy to grow and can be planted anytime after the last frost in full sun. Although Sunflowers are a great addition to any garden, it is important to keep in mind that they can grow anywhere between 2-8 feet high, so be mindful of your placement of these annual flowers.

You can purchase all of these lovely plants from Garden Heights Nursery or any other nursery located nearby.

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