The Dynaudio Confidence Series Reviewed (2022)

Deciding on a speaker system isn’t easy, especially if you’re just looking for a high-quality sound system that’s going to last. If you’re not familiar with all of the bells and whistles of audio technology, you might feel lost when it comes to people talking about tweeters, woofers, and subs.

When you’re trying to implement your audio video theater, you need to consider the bells and whistles, but you also need to understand whether the speakers you decide on fit your home’s aesthetic.

The new Confidence Series by Dynaudio has all of these bells and whistles, but it has more. Even an untrained eye and listener can tell that it provides something other speakers can’t in the way of flawless engineering, attractive design, and a flat-out enjoyable listening experience.

This article discusses the bells and whistles that set the Dynaudio Confidence speakers apart from the competition, but it also delves into some of the more subtle reasons why this upper echelon speaker series should be on the top of your demo list.

Confidence 60

Choosing which Confidence speakers suit your needs best largely depends on the size you need. The Confidence 60 towers over the Confidence C4 model. It doesn’t hold back. It is unabashedly large and produces an equally unbridled sound quality that booms across large distances so you can upset your neighbors any time of day.

The Esotar3 28mm soft-dome tweeter is the Confidence 60’s main attraction. The midrange drivers are also equipped with Horizon Surrounds, and to boot, it has two 23 cm MSP NeoTec Woofers, a man among boys.

Confidence 50

Standing baffle to baffle with the Confidence C4 (the Confidence Series’s previous flagship model), the Confidence 50 is a three-way design with twin woofers and two midrange drivers. Expert craftsmanship and beautiful design. The previous floor-standers used two tweeters. The new Dynaudio Confidence series only needs one.

This new design may cause initial concern, but when you learn about how the engineers at Dynaudio optimized crossovers, waveguides, and baffles, you’ll relax. The engineering shift creates a more straightforward, better-performing version of the classic DDC system.

Confidence 30

Unfortunately, Dynaudio has to continuously outdo themselves and improve on their already nearly flawless designs. Confidence is no exception. The COnfidence 30 somehow builds on the previous model and is a three-way floor stander from Dynaudio Labs in Skanderborg.

It maintains its Confidence integrity and improves on past innovations. Like the rest of the Confidence speakers, the Confidence 30 features the brand-new Esotar3 tweeter. The Esotar3 builds on the performance of the Esotar Forty anniversary tweeter.

This includes optimized-airflow technology, a new neodymium magnet design, and the unparalleled Hexis resonance-reducing inner dome.

Confidence 20

If you’re looking for performance in a compact package, the Confidence 20 has all of your needs. This model takes the passion and power of the more prominent speakers and places it on a pedestal.

The key to the 20, as with the other Confidence series speakers, is the 28 mm Esotar3 soft-dome tweeter, plus a new 18 cm NeoTec MSP woofer with a down-firing bassport. The Confidence 20’s drivers carry cutting-edge developments in airflow tech, and they have a simulation-derived diaphragm thickness, powerful neodymium magnets, and a new Compex front baffle.

Confidence C1 Platinum

The Confidence C1 Platinum is deceivingly powerful. As the saying goes, big things come in small packages. This model is perfect for the listener who doesn’t have a large room and needs intimate sound that makes them feel like they’re in the room with the artist or like they’re apart of the production.

The Confidence C1 uses the same Esotar2 soft-dome tweeter, a magnesium silicate polymer, and a Kapton voice-coil former, advanced first-order crossover, machined aluminum baffle, and a glass-blasted tweeter plate. With the same tonal balance, resolution, and detail, you get the feeling like you’re in the room with one of the big boys without taking up too much space.

Dynaudio Is Brimming With Confidence With These New Speakers

The previous Confidence series had a somewhat odd styling. However, it is widely accepted for its performance ability and for utilizing chunks of Dynaudio’s juicy engineering techniques. After using the original Confidence series, you will immediately notice a refined aesthetic that consolidates a fluid, appealing form.

Without a doubt, the Confidence Series has thoroughly engineered specs. This engineering shows up with its frequency response from 42 Hz to kHz. The Confidence’s efficiency is about average for a speaker set of its size, but the power handling is hearty at 250 watts IEC maximum.

The Engineering Is There

What’s clear with the Confidence Series is that it has all the ingredients to be one of the most attractive speakers on the market. The new Confidence series’s main aspects that set them apart from their competition are the Esotar3 tweeter and the MSP mid-bass driver. When you listen to these speakers, you immediately recognize their power and craftsmanship.

Because of these engineering elements, there’s no doubt that the Confidence Series deserves a seat at the dinner table of speaker greats. Its sturdy construction and design and excellent specifications make it an outstanding upmarket stand-mount speaker.

The German Design Award

If all of this information wasn’t enough, and you need others’ opinion, it’s noteworthy that the Confidence 50 received the prestigious German Design Award. The judging panel referred to the Confidence 50 as a “solid, lustrous, minimalist speaker perfect for a host of environments.”

The new DDC lens that forms a sound beam that refines vertical audio image while maintaining wider horizontal dispersion than previous Confidence models was another deciding factor.

Conclusion- A Review: The Dynaudio Confidence Series

If you’re in the market for a high-quality speaker system, the new Dynaudio Confidence series is a safe bet. Though it’s not the most prestigious model, it’s close. These speakers could also be more expensive than what Dynaudio sells them at.

It’s not only the flawless engineering and appearance that sets the Confidence apart from its counterparts. It’s also its beautiful, sleek appearance. If you want a sound experience that makes you feel like you’re a part of what’s happening, look no further.

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