Bon Venu Portable Cassette Player Tape Convertor Review

When it comes to turning cassette tapes to digital audio files, the Bon Venu Portable Cassette Player Tape Convertor is one device that can be used. It is quite functional and has got a lot of positive feedback from customers who have used it. Check out this cassette tape to mp3 converter buying guide and top list!

No much power is consumed with using this device, it has a maximum power consumption rate of the 400mw. It can be powered using 2 AA batteries or when plugged directly to a USB.

The device is used along with Audacity to convert the tapes, the Audacity software comes contained in a mini-CD as you purchase, one can as well just download the software online and install.

The Bon Venu Portable Cassette Player Tape Converter is easy to use the product, it comes with a user guide that explains all about the device and how to use it effectively. With the software, you can edit the audio before saving the final audio and the audio can be exported as an mp3 or wave file.

This device is also a cassette player which means it can be used as a regular cassette player. You can just play and enjoy your old cassette tapes and you can connect the device to a headphone, earphone or stereo.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Cost friendly


This device is recommended for purchase, it is a reliable one for those who want to convert their cassette tapes to mp3 files.

You would really love the quality of the audio you get from this converter, there is hardly any loss in quality as you get all that can be gotten from the cassettes.

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