Growing a Healing Garden Indoors

Our normal reaction is to keep commercial ointments and salves in our medicine cabinet, always available, so that in the event of a mishap we have them available to apply to the injury sustained. Have you ever considered growing your own healing garden? Small house plants you can easily grow that will provide you year round health benefits. Here are a few recommendations;

Gerbera Daisies are natural air filters. A potted gerbera will help your breath easier by cleaning the air in the room it is located in of toxic pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene. These pollutants cause headaches and dizziness, as well as aggravate asthma. They come in a variety of vibrant colors that will brighten up any room and only require monthly fertilizing.

Aloe Vera is the age old cut and scratch healing plant. The gel contained in a freshly cut leave will speed the healing of minor cuts, reduce scarring, and soothe sun burned skin. Aloe Vera’s requires a lot of sun so select a place in your house where that is possible. When caring for your Aloe Vera, trim the new shoots growing in the center of the base to allow the outer leaves to grow larger.

Growing a Healing Garden Indoors
Growing a Healing Garden Indoors

A dwarf citrus tree makes it easy to add fresh vitamin c to your diet all year round. The dwarf citrus tree is very well suited for indoor cultivation. A Meyer Lemon dwarf citrus tree is a good variety to start with. Its fruit grows fast, the plant requires little maintenance, and the fruit is ready to harvest when it is easy to remove from its branches. It does require a sunny environment so choose a south facing area to grow it in.

Lavender plant’s aroma calms frazzled nerves, encourage restful, rejuvenating sleep, and offers exceptional aroma therapy benefits. Lavender likes to thrive in dry soil and a sunny place. Clipping the blooms will encourage it to grow more. Creating small sachets of blooms alone or small bundles of stems with the blooms attached can be placed on night stands or within pillow cases in the bedrooms throughout your home and will bring on the night time zzz’s.

Starting a home based healing garden is not difficult. Many nursery’s have starter plants available. All you have to do is transplant them into larger pots, locate the right place in your home for them and let them grow. Occasional watering and fertilizing is the only other additional work that is required. The benefits of your healing garden last all year long. Is that too much to ask for cleaner air, improved sleep, regular access to fresh vitamin c, and a natural healing gel always at your disposal?

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