How to Plant a Waterfall Garden in Your Yard

A waterfall garden is a wonderful way to add a touch of nature to your landscaping décor. One benefit to planting a waterfall garden is the peaceful sound of rushing water you’ll hear as you sit or stand nearby. Visually waterfall gardens are appealing because it brings nature into your front or backyard.

Here are some tips for creating a waterfall garden in your front or back yard.

Once you build your waterfall garden, you’ll want it in a place where it will stay long term. Think ahead to the future. Where would you most likely want the waterfall garden to be a few years from now? If you plan to build a deck or patio in the future, you may want to place the waterfall garden in an area that will accommodate future landscaping projects.

Choose a location for the waterfall garden where you can enjoy it on a regular basis without much effort. If you have to trek to the back corner or your yard to sit and enjoy the waterfall, it may not be used as frequently as it would be if it were positioned right next to your deck or another seating area in your yard.

Other things to consider when positioning your waterfall garden is to make sure it is installed on firm foundation and that there is plenty of sunlight. Also, avoid placing a waterfall garden under a tree. You don’t want to spend half of your relaxation time picking leaves out of the pond. You also don’t want the pump to clog with leaves.

When building your waterfall garden, you can purchase plastic ponds to create an area to base your pond around. This will provide a place for the water from the waterfall garden to gather.

You will need a high point for the water to cascade from. You can make this by creating an embankment with dirt and using rocks for the water to travel down. You can use flumes purchased from a home improvement store to create a channel for the water to travel. Place rocks along the channel for the water to ripple down.

How to Plant a Waterfall Garden in Your Yard
How to Plant a Waterfall Garden in Your Yard

At the bottom of the waterfall, place a pump and attach a hose or pipe to it. This will give the water in the pond area movement.

Landscape with plants and rocks around your waterfall garden in a way that is visually pleasing to you. Lily pads are a nice touch for floating items of interest.

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