Story Time – Tiny Garden People

Alesia was a five year old little girl who loved to pick flowers. She lived with her mum in a little unit, Where they had lots of nieghbours around them living in units of their own. Alot of their nieghbours loved to work in their gardens and grow beautiful Roses. With alot of them being prize winning. Oh how Pretty they looked, Alesia would think to herself, how pretty they would look in my mummy’s kitchen, she would think. Poor Alesia could not help herself ,she would pick the flowers and take them home, but only to have, not long after, angry nieghbours knocking on their door complaining that now their garden was wrecked.

Alesia’s mum came up with an idea to let Alesia make her own garden, so that when it grew she could pick as many flowers as she liked and would no longer get into any trouble. Alesia thought this was wonderful and got straight to work planting all types of different flowers. She would tend to her garden every day, talking to and loving her plants, till soon they were fully grow beautiful flowers.

One morning as Alesia was watering her very much loved garden, she noticed something tiny, move amongst the flowers. She moved closer to have a good look, and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw a tiny little family of garden people. They were as small as her pinky finger. Alesia very quickly made friends with the tiny garden people. There was a mum and a dad, a baby and two girls who were twins. Alesia became best friends with the twins, their names were Jenny and Lilly.

Jenny and Lilly wanted Alesia to help them build a tiny play ground for them to play on. At the back of Alesia’s yard was a great big oval with a few big trees. Jenny and Lilly thought this would be a great spot to build their play ground. Right underneath a big tree, to shade hem from the sun. So they got to work building their play ground using sticks that had fallen of trees and things that Alesia found for them from her room. She also gave them lots of doll furniture to use for themselves. Soon the they were finished and Alesia thought, the play ground looked so much fun, she wished she was tiny enough herself to play on it. For the rest of the day they played games and had picnics. Alesia saw that it was getting cloudy and told her tiny friends that she wanted to go home before it started to rain. Jenny and Lilly were in the middle of playing a game of cards, the tinest deck of cards Alesia had ever seen, and waned to finish their game before they went back home too. So Alesia left them to it and went on home.

Story Time - Tiny Garden People
Story Time – Tiny Garden People

The rain was coming down very hard as Alesia watched from her bedroom window. She hoped that Jenny and Lilly got home in time before the rain had started. She became worried as she remembered that the oval sometimes floods if it rained alot. Alesia rushed to her mum and asked if they could check to see if her tiny friends made it home safe. Alesia’s mum went with Alesia to the back yard, to the tiny familys house, in the flower garden. When they arrived the tiny mum was calling out for Jenny and Lilly. She told Alesia that they had not yet returned, and was very worried because the oval was flooding and she new that was were the tiny twins had been playing. Alesia and her mum rushed to see if they could find them. They found them hanging on for dear life as the flooding water went rushing by. They were calling out for help, so scared and helpless. Alesia had an idea and ran to get one of her toy bath boats and some string. When she returned, she had her mum tie the string to one end of the boat and hold the other. Alesia’s mum throw out the boat to were the twins were and had them jump in the toy boat. Alesia pulled in the boat on string and helped the tiny girls out to safety. Jenny and Lilly were so thankful to Alesia, She had saved the day. Now when it looks like that it might rain, You won’t find Jenny And Lilly down on their play ground, but will find them safe and sound inside with their best friend and hero, Alesia.

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